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888poker celebrates 20 years of sending players to Las Vegas

by KZ Poker

This is the time of year when the thoughts of poker players head to Las Vegas as the world’s largest live poker festival approaches. This year, 888poker wants to celebrate its 20th year of operation by sending some lucky players to Las Vegas for the big poker show at Road to Las Vegas 2022.

With the 53rd annual World Series of Poker approaching, world poker players are looking forward to Las Vegas to have a good time playing poker for the next two months. To mark two decades of service to online poker players, 888poker offers players a Road to Las Vegas to compete in the world’s largest poker tournament.

The prize package is worth $ 13,000 and includes a $ 10,000 tournament entry, as well as $ 3,000 for travel and lodging expenses. There are also a couple of ways in which players can enter the “Road”.

For players looking to get into the final game, satellites start at just 1 cent. These games put a player on the road to the final qualifying game for $ 1,050, but players can choose to shorten the trip and buy the final game directly.

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Details of 888poker Road to Las Vegas

Regardless of your level of funding, 888poker wants to play in Las Vegas this year for the world’s largest live poker festival. $ 13,000 packages are offered at a $ 1,050 qualifying event, and players with deep enough pockets can buy directly into this game. However, the offer is not limited to players who can afford a $ 1,050 purchase.

Players with lower bets may try to reach Road to Las Vegas in one of several sub-qualifiers for the final game. In fact, a few lucky players can even get there for as little as 1 cent, as there are penny throws that feed off the road to the $ 1,050 rating.

For players who want to play the main qualifying game, there are several levels to which they can jump without spending $ 1,050 directly. The top $ 1,050 rating is a $ 55 game, but the subqualifiers are in the lobby to offer players a chance to play that game as well.

The grand prize everyone will play for is the $ 13,000 package in Las Vegas. No matter how you arrive, the Vegas awards package includes the following:

$ 10,000 tournament entry $ 1,500 for accommodation of your choice (via MET site) $ 1,500 for travel and expenses (paid directly to your 888poker account) 888poker LIVE Kit

Main details of the qualification

Find Games: Tournaments Tab> Live Events Tab Ticket Purchase: $ 1,050 Prize: $ 13,000 Vegas Package

The next grand prix opportunity will be on May 15 at 4:15 pm ET, but before that there are chances to get into this game for less. Take a look at the lobby to see the qualifiers up to 1c.

With the Big Show approaching the poker scene, 888poker is looking to send some lucky players to Las Vegas. Click on the Live Events filter in the Tournaments section, or just search for Road to Las Vegas 2022 in the search box to find the games and choose your ramp at 888poker’s Road to Las Vegas.

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