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Bar Poker Open Florida World Championship Guaranteed $40,000 First Prize November 10-15

by KZ Poker

The Bar Poker Open (BPO) is addressed to Florida for the first time Bar Poker Open Florida World Championships which will take place from November 10 to 15 at Palm Beach Kennel Club, and there are many ways to participate in the festivities. The festival will culminate with the Florida BPO World Championship 2022which PokerNews will report live.

More than 500 Bar Poker players from across North America will participate in the 2022 Florida World Championship to compete for a guaranteed first place prize of 40,000 dollars and an expected prize of more than $150,000.

Aside from the World Championship, the five-day BPO festival will feature plenty of tournament action and cash games at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Only qualified players can participate in the Invitational Championship, but everyone else is welcome to participate in the Open Series for just five days with over $400,000 in early payouts.

Aside from the World Championship, here are some highlights from the series:

Event 1 (November 10-11) – $100,000 Guaranteed “Florida Special” – $250 Walk-in Event 6 (November 13) – Charity Poker Series Charity Poker Event – Poker Event $150 Charity (Nov 14th) – Guaranteed $50,000 Deep Stack – $200 Buy-in

A busy schedule

The series will begin with the Florida special offer $250 purchase event on November 10, which will have four starting flights and guarantee a prize pool of $100,000. A Buy-in $180 Friday Night Deep Stack The event will take place the next day with $10,000 guaranteed up for grabs.

Other events that will take place throughout the Florida series include a $160 progressive prize event, a $150 Charity Series of Poker Celebrity charity poker event already $125 Pot-Limit Omaha event There will also be one BPO Player Party on November 13th in the evening for players to take a break from tournament action.

Palm Beach Kennel Club

The Florida BPO World Championship will begin on November 12 and will feature two opening flights. Day 2 of the tournament will be played to a winner on November 14th, with the winner guaranteed a payday of at least $40,000.

The final table of the BPO Championship event will be broadcast live, as well as a select number of other final tables throughout the series.

Previous BPO winners

Already in June, the 2022 Bar Poker Open Championship took place in the Golden Nugget Las Vegas and drew 1,240 massive entries and generated $229,400 in prize money. Most of that, $37,115, went to California Tommy Nefcywho defeated the opponent head on Kourtney Sims to get BPO degree.

Tommy Nefcy

Bar Poker Open Championship 2022 final table results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize 1Tommy NefcyUnited States $37,115 2Kourtney Sims United States $25,385 3John KellyUnited States $16,665 4Carlin Soto United States $11,460 5Adam Iaccarino United States $8,800 6Ruben $7,800 United States

Read about Tommy Nefcy’s Bar Poker Open Championship win!

In the 2021 Bar Poker Open National Championship, Chris Farkas face-up opponent defeated Wilbur Terry to win the trophy and first prize of $70,047 in an event that drew 2,386 runners and generated $458,200 in prize money.

Chris Farkas

Qualify for BPO events

If you haven’t qualified for the Florida World Championship Event, you can start qualifying today for the next Bar Poker Open Championship event scheduled for Las Vegas in the summer of 2023.

Qualify in just two steps once you find a local game at BarPokerOpen.com:

Step 1: Finish in the top three at any local bar to earn a token Step 2: Redeem the token in a Step 2 leaderboard held every Sunday. Top finishers win championship seatsFirst place wins a full Las Vegas travel package

The Bar Poker Open awards nearly $1.5 million in championship seats, travel packages and cash payouts each year accessible from any local “BPO” bar or online.

To start qualifying for the next Bar Poker Open in the summer of 2023, go to BarPokerOpen.com. For a complete schedule of tournaments at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, see the event website at Florida.BarPokerOpen.com.

The full schedule for the first Bar Poker Open Florida World Championships is available in the table below.

Bar Poker Open Florida World Championships 2022 Calendar

Palm Beach Kennel Club DATE EVENT PURCHASE November 10 $100,000 Florida Multivol Special – Day 1 $250 A$ November 10 $100,000 Florida Multivol Special – Day 1B $250 November 11 $100,000 Florida Multivol Special – Day 1C$250 November 11 $100,000 Florida Multi-Flight Special – Day 1D $250 November 11 Friday Night Deep Stack $180 November 11 Florida BPO World Championship – EntryN/A November 12 Florida BPO World Championship – Same Day Registration $365 November 12 Florida BPO World Championship – Day 1AN /A November 12 $100,000 Florida Special Multi-flight – Opening $160 November 12 Progressive RewardN/A November 13 World Championship of Florida Bpo – Same Day Entry N/A November 13 Florida Bpo World Championship – Day 1BN/A November 13 Omaha Pot Limit $125 November 13 Csop Celebrity Charity Tournament $150 November 13 Bar Poker Open – Player’s partyN/A November 14 Cam Florida BPO World Champion – Day 2 & Final TableN/A Nov 14 $50,000 Deep Stack Multi-vol – Day 1 $200 Nov 14 $50,000 Deep Stack Multi-vol – Day 1B $200 Nov 15 $50,000 Deep Stack Multivol – Day 2 & Final TableN/A November 15 Deepstack Final $180 November 15 “Survivor” Grand Final $125

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