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Baumstein, Holley, Singh find success at WPT Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open (RRPO)

by KZ Poker

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is currently in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida for the 2022 WPT Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open (RRPO). The $3,500 Buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Main Event is in full swing, but before the main tournament there were a number of side events.

Among those who must capture titles in the RRPO 2022 are AJ Kelsall (Event #5: $600 HORSE for $13,625), Salvatore Pipitone (Event no. 9: $600 limit Omaha 8 for $16,900), Michael Newman (Event #18: $400 Deep Stack Turbo NLH for $7,136), David Goodis (Event no. 23: $400 Black Chip Bounty 5 Card PLO for $9,450) and Daniel Gheba (Event #27: $400 Black Chip Bounty Turbo NLH for $9,550).

Here’s a look at some of the more notable stories from the stall’s early side events.

Hsu ranks as the third largest field in Florida history

Peter Hsu

RRPO 2022 kicked off in a big way with Event no. 1: $400 Deep Stack NLH, a tournament that attracted 6,134 entries and more than doubled its $1 million GTD with a total prize pool of $2,024,200. The tournament, which ran from November 16-21, ended up being the third largest field in Florida history.

The tournament ended in a five-way tie that saw the chi pleader Peter Hsuwho shot only a single $400 bullet, claim the trophy and $191,223 in prize money.

“I try to play as much as I can when they have these big tournaments,” Hsu told RRPO reporters. “This is right before Thanksgiving, so it’s a good time to play.”

Results of the final table of the event no. 1 of the RRPO

PlacePlayerPrize 1Peter Hsu $191,223* + RRPO Trophy 2Justin Datloff $162,511* 3Zak VanKeuren $160,000* 4Fabian Foster $152,669* 5 Phu Vo $136,174* 6Nigeld Murray $0.26 26 Nigel Murray $0.26 $0.26 .26 Richard,26 $0.36 $0.20 Galler

*Indicates a five-way arrangement.

Scott Baumstein captures sixth SHRP title

Scott Baumstein

On November 20, Event no. 12: $400 Deep Stack NLH attracted 515 runners and offered $172,525 in prize money. Going upstairs was nothing but Scott Baumsteinwho captured his sixth major SHRP trophy, which tied him with Michael Newman and only behind five other players.

Baumstein’s win came after a settlement with Hagai Stein in which both players received $27,965 in prize money.

Speaking of Newman, a day later he outlasted a field of 107 innings to win Event #18: $400 Deep Stack Turbo NLH for $17,589 and his seventh SHRP title to move into a five-way tie Brian Altman, Yuval Bronstein, Gabe Ramosi David Prociak.

Baumstein SHRP titles

SERIEVENTPrize 2018 LHPO $1,100 WPT DeepStacks Championship $220,238 2021 LHPO $600 BUNDY BLACK $28,040 2021 SHRPO $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em $81,220 2022 RRPO $400 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em $27,965

Raminder Singh extends record with 9th SHRP title

Raminder Singh

Speaking of all-time SHRP titles, no one has more Raminder Singhwho captured his ninth outscoring a field of 74 innings to win Event #15: $600 Deep Stack Turbo NLH for $7,897 after a four-way settlement.

Singh’s SHRP Titles

SeriesEventPrize 2015 SHRPO $250 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Turbo $6,716 2015 RRPO $350 No Limit Hold’em Black Chip Bounty $11,400 2015 RRPO $350 No Limit Hold’em Big Stack $15,01,698 SHRPO $600 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack $200,000 2020 LHPO $600 No Limit Hold’em Six Max $22,520 2021 SHRPO $200 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH $6,256 2022 Showdown 2022 $500, Turbo Stack 2022 Turbo Stack No-50PORR02 $NLH $7,897

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Holley back to back

John Holley

Sunday, John Holley wrapped up Event #14: $600 Deep Stack Pot-Limit Omaha and had an off day before Day 2. On that off day, he outlasted an 83-inning field to win Event #16: $400 Omaha 8/Stud for $8,950 and his fifth SHRP title.

He then returned on Tuesday and quickly dispatched the aforementioned Event #14 for $30,191 after a four-way deal at the final table.

In fact, it was the second time in his career that Holley won back-to-back titles at Seminole Hard Rock. He also won trophies on consecutive days in August 2013 at the SHRPO.

Holley SHRP Titles

SeriesEventPrize $240 SHRPO 2013 PLO8 $5,919 $240 SHRPO 2013 Seniors No Limit Hold’em $9,207 2015 RRPO $350 Six Max No Limit Hold’em 2022 RRPO $600 Deep Stack PLO $30,191

RRPO 2022 winners so far…

DateTournArenentriesprize poolwinnerprize Nov 16-21EVENT #1: $400 Stack NLH$6,134 2,024,200peter Hsu 191,223 Nov 16EVENT #2: $600 SENIORS 50+ NLH176 $92,400 November 16 Event # 4: $200 Quad Stack Double Green Chip Bounty177 $19,470 Jesús Figueroa $4,313 Nov 17 Event no. 5: $600 HORSE78 $40,950 AJ Kelsall $13,625 November 17-18, November 17-18 Event no. 7: $150 Big Stack NLH239 $30,000 Joseph Diaz $6,935 Nov 17 Event # 8: $600 Deep Stack Turbo NLH37 $19,610 Matty Bretzfield $5,828 November 18 Event # $61,100 Daniel Chlimper $15,425 Nov. 19EVENT #11: $600 PLO 8122 $64,050long nguyen $18,065 20EVENT #12: $400 Stack NLH515 $172,525Scott Baumstein Nov 27,965 20-22 Event no. 14: $600 Deep Stac k PLO405 $210,600 John Holley $30,191 November 20 Event # 15: $600 Deep Stack Turbo NLH74 $39,220 Raminder Singh $7,897 November 21 Event # 16: $400 Omaha 8/Stud $883 Nov 21, 2017 $883 Nov 21, 2017 $894 303,040Christopher Lewis $32,400 21EVENT #18: $400 Deep Stack Turbo NLH107 36,380michael Newman $7,136 22EVENT # 19: $400 Stack Stack NLH107 36,380michael Newman $7,136 $22EVENT #19: $400 Stack Stack NLH107 $36,380michael Newman $ $ Robinson $22,135 November 22-23 Event # 21: $1,700 Purple Chip Bounty PLO77 $77,000 David Moreno $26,020 November 22 Event no. 22: $400 Deep Stack NLH Turbo58 $19,720 Matt Vinke $7,3315095 $7,331 $095 Goodis $9,450 November 23rd Event # 24: $200 Double Green Chip Reward NLH254 $27,940 Christopher Corrales $5,695 November 24 Event # 25: $250 Holiday Deep Stack NLH312 $36,816 Igor Tolstov, LNG

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*Images courtesy of SHRPO.

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