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BetMGM, PointsBet may have violated Ontario’s advertising policies

by KZ Poker

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This is breaking news about BetMGM and PointsBet. Online Poker Report will update it.

BetMGM and PointsBet have learned today that they are being fined for allegedly violating the advertising policies of the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO).

AGCO today issued a statement on the notices it sent to online gambling operators. The regulator approved both to enter the expanded iGaming market that was launched on April 4th.

The regulator notified both of their “alleged violations” of Internet gaming registry standards:

BetMGM Canada: $ 48,000 fine for eight tweets that allegedly violated standards when it comes to bonuses, free games and “the more money you bet, the more chances you have of winning” PointsBet Canada: $ 30,000 in print ads on trains and at two stations that allegedly included incentives not allowed for “free” play.

Online Poker Report contacted BetMGM and PointsBet for comment.

PointsBet sent OPR this quote from Scott Vanderwel, CEO of PointsBet Canada:

“On behalf of PointsBet Canada, I personally apologize for our mistake in interpreting the standards set by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) that led to this result. I appreciate the considerable effort made by our local team. and our close partners to solve the problem once we have been notified.As I said in the past, we are proud of our reputation as a compliance operator and believe in working in partnership with regulators within the legal framework. advocates for the legalization and legitimacy of this industry and we believe in the importance of creating a level playing field in which all operators contribute to safe and responsible gaming. “

AGCO contacted PointsBet before launch day

PointsBet withdrew a questionable tweet ahead of the iGaming market expansion on April 4th.

As OPR then reported:

On March 19, a Canadian affiliate marketer asked AGCO about a PointsBet tweet that read:

“Hello Ontario

“Have you already signed up for your FREE welcome offer?

“Do not miss it. Register today: pointsbet.ca ”

On Thursday, AGCO responded to the affiliate:

“To clarify, restrictions on bonus advertising also include announcing the availability of an offer.”

Ontario has strict advertising and marketing standards

U.S. online bookmakers are accustomed to using words like “bonus” and “free” in their ads.

Ontario forbids these words in outgoing messages.

Therefore, operators often have to regularly check what they are allowed to say in their advertising and marketing.

AGCO tells operators:

“Advertising and marketing materials that provide incentives, bonuses and credits for betting are prohibited, except at an operator’s gaming site and through direct advertising and marketing, after receiving the consent of the active player.”

However, operators may need to search the AGCO site a bit to find the Ontario marketing and advertising guide.

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