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Bounty Builder titles “Sturbao”, “Overbet” and “frakkalagan”

by KZ Poker

Tuesday night online closed at dawn, after Bounty Builder’s statement “Sturbao”, “Overbet” and “frakkalagan”

“Sturbao”, “Overbet” and “frakkalagan” on all

€ 100 BB-25 The Rollercoaster 6-Max a sturbao

Let’s start our report on Wednesday morning with the highlight of last night’s Bounty Builder event, number 25.

Presented with a prize pool of € 20,000 GTD, at the end of the late registration, the little man of the counts certified one of € 22,680, the result of the registrations of 252 players.

Among the 47 players who enjoyed this score, the best and luckiest was Fabio “sturbao” Sturba absolute winner for € 1,780 + € 2,586.

Behind him they closed at the squares of honor, “AnsuFati02”, second for € 1,780 + € 915 and “bluffman741”, third for € 1,074 + € 165.

€ 50 BB-21 The Demolisher a Overbet91

Riccardo “Overbet91” Bonelli, on the other hand, scored the 21st goal of the event, which opened the evening.

The victory came at the end of the heads up won against “TITO9086”.

The two put € 2,576 + € 2,128 and € 2,575 + € 270 in the bag respectively, ahead of third place “MrBix6”.

730 entries took part in the tournament, which generated a prize pool equivalent to the GTD of 35,000 Euros.

A prize of 135 players.

€ 20 BB — 20 NL Hold’Em The Sun Run 8-Max a crash

Antonio “frakkalagan” Fragale won the 21.00 tournament on 8-Max PKO, which did not want to miss 1,374 entrants.

Guaranteed not reached and exceeded for this event, for a figure of € 30,000, then divided into 247 increasing shares.

“Frakkalagan” won the most interesting one, taking home € 2,219 + € 1,379 in total, after getting rid of “dolciume95” heads.

€ 20 BB-23 The Kamikaze a Carm944

Let’s move on for half an hour to let you know what happened at the penultimate tournament of Tuesday night’s online tournament.

The “Kamikaze” called to the coffers a total of 1,119 players who struggled to split a prize pool of € 20,142.

Among the 181 players in the money, he won “Carm944” victoriously, to his new success on PokerStars, this time for € 685 + € 1,658.

His victory came at the end of a conclusive head-to-head in port on “bigsteva86”.

€ 1o BB-19 The Wild Hunt a yng101

We close with the low buy-in from € 10 which attracted a total of 3,454 entries to the box office for a prize pool of € 31,086.

The end of the tournament came when they were about to hit 02.10, prey to “yng101”, which was given virtually a first coin of € 1,819 + € 1,564.

The end of the tournament came without a deal.

€ 100 Need For Speed ​​at “IMuCkTheNut”

The closing match of the PokerStars schedule ended at one in the morning, when “IMuCkTheNut” put everyone behind.

Our talented grinder took home € 2,282 and freed himself in heads up from his latest obstacle, “M. Ghiglione”, runner up for € 1,137.

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