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Bryn Kenney denies everything in a long interview. Here it is!

by KZ Poker

Bryn Kenney, who has been accused in recent days of running a scam scheme related to his work as an online poker player, released an exclusive interview with Sarah Herring of PokerNews on Tuesday afternoon, denying most of the allegations. against him.

The nature of the interview with Bryn Kenney

Herring, a poker industry veteran and co-host of the PokerNews Podcast, openly admitted from the beginning of the interview that she was a longtime friend of Bryn Kenney’s, and that some comments on social media were critical. In relation to the interviewer-interviewee relationship, his intention, as he wrote on Twitter, was to be “transparent and honest” with the public.

Kenney initially declined to speak to PokerNews, but later contacted Herring, offering her the opportunity to be interviewed live.

During the 70-minute conversation, for English chewing gum, we reported it entirely on this page, the all-time leader of live poker tournament cashes, accused Doug Polk of being against him and downplayed his credibility. by Martin Zamani.

Zamani, in a recent appearance on the Polk podcast, made some harsh accusations against Kenney, claiming that the former GGPoker ambassador ran an online poker team that had agreed and used RTAs to cheat.

“Martin is a person who, through our conversations, made me realize that he was never really happy in his life,” Kenney told Sarah Herring.

This was the subject of his comments to Zamani, who admitted to being part of his online poker team in the past. Like Zamani on the Polk podcast, Kenney did not bring any receipts to support his versions. It was simply him who denied the allegations and gave his version of the story.

Zamani’s strongest accusations

One of Zamani’s biggest accusations was that Kenney could see his horses’ screen while they were playing online.

“It’s absolutely crazy, it’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard in my life,” Kenney said in response to the accusation.

Many of Kenney’s answers to Herring’s questions were a bit ambiguous and often went in a bribe that was unrelated to the question.

Herring directly asked him one of the most important questions: Have you ever ghosted online players?

“I mean, you know, I’ve had a poker career for over 17 years so far. Could I have never been in the same room with someone I coerced or asked for advice? ” He said before acknowledging that he could not deny following players who competed in online poker games, but vehemently denied following a ghosting scheme.

Kenney said he had never received any financial assistance from his horses. He also denied using real-time assistance (RTA) tools when playing online, let alone providing his horses with such tools, another accusation made by Zsmani.

Bryn Kenney on the relationship with Lauren Roberts

Zamani, in the Polk podcast, also revealed the relationship that amateur poker player Lauren Roberts, a former friend of Kenney, had with the current leader of the Money List, a focal point of the interview. He said Kenney has been hiding behind Roberts’ online poker account many times. Herring asked him if he had ever ghosted Roberts, which he again denied.

Kenney, however, admitted that she considered Roberts “one of my best friends” in the past. But last week Roberts went against Kenney on Twitter, making it clear that all friendships were over.

“I’d rather not talk about other people, but our relationship has obviously changed a bit,” Kenney said.

Kenney also accused her of deceiving him about his wealth and his poker skills when they first met and talked.

Wrong ideas

But Zamani’s biggest accusation was that he and others in the poker staking team were ordered by Bryn Kenney to play a game while Roberts was playing and to join the game. money. Kenney, as expected, also denied this claim.

“I don’t understand how, on the one hand, she could say I was playing on her account, but on the other hand I was getting people fired because she was a weak player,” Kenney said.

Then it became a personal matter when he spoke of Roberts: “I think you have a misconception about your poker skills. And since his (poker) career has been pretty fruitless, I think he’s trying to figure out why he didn’t succeed, as well as a poor understanding of his skills and the games he was playing with the bankroll he had. ”

The reactions of the poker world

The interview itself was greeted with mixed reactions. A large number of listeners were openly critical and dissatisfied with the interview – some compared it to the infamous 2012 Lederer Files – while others were a little more flattering, including Patrick Leonard, who offered his thoughts in support of Herring.

@AuntyChardonnay I thought you did a great job, everybody always looking for a way to put others down. You were honest with your friendship, if you hadn’t said that they would have hounded you down, you basically asked every question, let him speak and you didn’t take sides.

– Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) April 26, 2022

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