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Can New PokerStars Level Up With Lex AI Help You Improve Your Game?

by KZ Poker

PokerStars has once again pushed the boundaries of technology by creating a powerful artificial intelligence tool designed to help its customers develop their skills. Level up with Lex is an innovative free tool that uses PokerStars’ proprietary machine learning platform to analyze your play in PokerStars Spin & Go tournaments.

Leveling up with Lex is currently limited to turn and go tournaments, but knowing PokerStars like we do, it would be surprising if the powerful AI didn’t make its way into other games and formats available on PokerStars. The software analyzes your hand history before providing near-instant feedback on the hands you played just minutes before.

As the AI ​​name suggests, PokerStars Ambassador Lex Veldhuis is the face of the product. Level Up With Lex creates a custom video, featuring an animated version of Veldhuis, which is then emailed or sent via push notifications and made available to you personally. Railway section of the PokerStars software.

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Where some poker training tools and videos are based on scenarios and hypothetical situations, Level Up With Lex only uses the hands you’ve played, focusing on the actions you’ve taken during a hand, replaying them and making- let me know where you went wrong. .

Veldhuis believes Level Up With Lex is the perfect tool for players looking to improve their Spin & Go skills.

“Learning poker strategy as a beginner can be challenging because there are so many resources out there,” Veldhuis said. “But Level Up With Lex offers clear, simple advice that’s easy to follow, meaning players get the most out of their time at the tables. A lot of work and effort has gone into it and I’m looking forward to seeing players benefit- se. of this technology”.

You must enable the Level Up With Lex feature. Do this by going to the Spin & Go tab and clicking activate when you see the pop-up message in the lobby. After you’ve played a couple of Spin & Go tournaments, you’ll receive your first personalized video.

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Do other online poker sites use AI for training?

Although PokerStars’ Level Up With Lex is the first of its kind, thanks to the use of custom videos, PartyPoker i GGPoker they also have AI tools designed to help players in their quest to become poker champions.

PartyPoker uses my game i MyGame Whiz, the latter offering real-time advice. MyGame formulates a report card, like the one you received in school, grading various areas of your game before classifying you as a Novice, Social, Intermediate, Solid, Advanced, Pro or Elite Pro player. MyGame’s report card is based on a GTO strategy and gives hints and tips if, for example, you are playing too tight or too loose, or not stealing the blinds enough.

GGPoker has been launched Ask Fedor in late April 2022, an AI using Ambassador Fedor Holz. Ask Fedor is a paid service starting at $29.99 for 30 requests per month, up to $199.99 for unlimited requests.

The deep learning system works for No-Limit Hold’em cash games and tournaments, providing feedback through a star rating system. Ask Fedor also offers suggestions, if needed, on how to play the hand differently.

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