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Cash game 1-3-6: how much to insist on the bluff?

by KZ Poker

In poker games, live or online, we sometimes have to set up bluffs: partly because it is part of the game, partly because certain dynamics and certain situations lead us to do so.

But sometimes, when you get resistance, it’s not easy to guess when it’s time to stop, or when it’s time to insist.

Bluff the whole stack?

We are in Atlantic City, at the Casino Borgata, where a few days ago a game of Texas Hold’em No Limit Cash Game was played, blind $ 1 / $ 3 with mandatory straddle at $ 6.

The protagonist of this hand is Jacob, who after a great session sits in the middle position with as much as $ 2,300.

After a limp in early position, Jacob opens at $ 35 with A J. The button, described as a very skilled player, is also the only one that covers Jacob in terms of stack, and opts for a 3bet at $ 105. The limper folds, Jacob calls. Flop for two.

Flop ($ 226 pot)

10 9 7

Talk to Jacob, who gets an interlocking staircase design and a colored backdoor, and opts for the check. The button points to $ 75: at this point, Jacob chooses to take the inertia of the hand in his hand, thinking that that opponent can be a cbet really made with each hand. Then, complete the check-up to $ 230. The problem is that the button calls.

Turn (pot $ 686)


Talk to Jacob, who wants to keep telling his story on an irrelevant card, and goes out for $ 400. The button, however, still calls.

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River ($ 1,486)


The pot has grown, and Jacob has been left with his “high ace” that he will hardly be able to win. What to do at this point? Insist on bluffing or giving up? Check and then fold or bet (remember Jacob has about $ 1,600 left here, just over a pot size bet)? What hand can the opponent have?

What would you do?

What was Jacob’s choice?

After some thought, Jacob goes all-in.

Snap call of your opponent, showing 10 10 for the top set. Infallible hand, true: one wonders if Jacob, with this hyper aggressive move, could have folded some points (like double pairs or overpair).

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