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David Kaye “Blown Away” by Impact of PokerStars US Player Pool Fusion

by KZ Poker

It was barely a month ago PokerStars Ambassador that David Kaye was greeted by the biggest PokerStars news to come out of the US in a few years.

The announcement that the Michigan and New Jersey player groups were to merge received an overwhelmingly positive response, and according to Kaye, the impact on the online tables has been remarkable.

The importance of a regulated market

“It’s been a huge change,” he told PokerNews. “Shared Liquidity is just a great deal in the US and for PokerStars players in Michigan and New Jersey. There are more games going on, bigger tournament prizes and bigger guarantees.

“A lot of Michiganders and people New Jersey i pennsylvania, I just love playing at PokerStars US and it’s important to them that they have a good regulated market with safe games to play. I’m excited to be a part of it, to keep growing and moving forward.”

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— David Kaye (@DavidKayePoker)

Kaye appreciated as a PokerStars ambassador

Joining in November 2022, Kaye said the way PokerStars recruited him was a natural fit and he has enjoyed his time as an ambassador so far.

“The process has been amazing,” Kaye told PokerNews two months after joining Team PokerStars. “What really impressed me was this PokerStars he wasn’t trying to get me to sell myself to them.

“Instead, it was them telling me how much they really liked what I was doing. The fact that they were very clear and clearly appreciated and respected what I do, I mean, obviously coming from PokerStars, was very interesting”.

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As an ambassador, Kaye hopes to inspire players not only in Michigan, but across the United States, and has already seen how players from all over are finding it with the merging of player groups.

“Combine the players [in Michigan and New Jersey] not only was it great for those who were already playing, but it got others re-energized with the new numbers we were seeing. People want to play in big tournaments with big guarantees, and people were excited by the number of players that were active.

“Not only that, but as an American, I obviously noticed and followed the legislative landscape a little more than most, but it’s been really exciting to see players from Pennsylvania asking when they’re going to merge, or people from other states like New York. and Illinois asking when they will come in.”

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Time and a bright future for PokerStars USA?

With the momentum going in the right direction, at least according to Kaye, he can’t help but imagine how bright the future can be for PokerStars US players.

“Imagine if we can get even 20% of the states in a group of players, I think that will be amazing.”

“It’s been really fun to see online poker flourish in the United States. There are so many games at play in different stakes. And that’s only with two out of 50 states. Imagine if we can get 20% of the states on board. single player group, I think it will be amazing.

“We know the ultimate goal is not just two states. Two states is great, but this is just the foundation to get to where we really want to get when we have all the states under one umbrella, or as many states as possible!

“We’re working our way back! The merging of the Michigan and New Jersey markets, which is where I play, are very exciting times. And hopefully more states will legalize in the next few years and hopefully make them single-player. swimming pool

“Blown Away” by Michigan Numbers

Michigan has become the largest regulated poker pool in the US, and the merger has only helped it grow even more.

“People have heard of PokerStars, they know the reputation and they know that they look out for the best interests of the players”

“Even before the Michigan-New Jersey merger happened, I was amazed at the amount of games we had in Michigan. With the sheer number of players playing the cash games and tournaments and the interaction and excitement in social networks, I was truly blown away.

“I think there is a lot of potential and there are so many exciting things in this new wave of online poker in the US and especially the brand recognition. PokerStars brings a lot of validity to online poker across America.

“People have heard of PokerStars, they know the reputation, and they know they’re looking out for the best interests of the players. So I think, overall, I hope this sets up good things down the road.”

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Kaye says he feels some responsibility to help shape the future of PokerStars in the US, but is unequivocal that more player mergers are the way forward.

“It’s about doing my part to educate people and share the huge positives that can come from having these state-regulated markets. That’s the most important point to get across. Yes, a state could have legally regulated online poker, but the really important thing is to merge the pool of players. Starting this from Michigan and New Jersey is such an important first step, and we will really see the benefits in the medium and long term.

“Even now, it’s super exciting right now, but in the medium to long term, this is great news and makes me excited and optimistic for the future.”

Will Shillibier European Executive Editor

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