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“Dono1986” signs the Bounty Builder Series Main Event

by KZ Poker

Dono1986 ships the Bounty Builder Main Event

The third week of Bounty Builder closed with “Dono1986” winning the Main Event and “Thund3rPoker” winning the SHR.

€ 50 BB-109 Main Event at Dono1986

Nickname very little beaten in our reports in recent times, the one associated with the name of the winner of the most important tournament last night.

The first € 12,523 + € 10,587 coin of the Bounty Builders Main Event won “Gift 1986”.

Behind him climbed to second place “frenk0008” for € 12,518 + € 343.

The prize, among others, was “Dylan9323”, third and “Will.Smith”, fourth.

The Main Event was attended by 4,804 participants who raised the GTD prize pool bar by € 200,000 to € 216,180.


€ 250 BB-111 Sunday High Roller at “Thund3rPoker”

The second tournament that we report on this Monday, May 16, was the highlight of 22.00 last night, the Sunday High Roller, or Knockout Titans, from € 75,000 guaranteed, whose prize pool has risen to € 75,825.

He finished his journey in front of a 337-player field, the unbeatable “Thund3rPoker”, first at the end of the event, with 5,794 + € 5,793, which preceded “simocla90”, second for 5,794 + € 2,302.

Payout, 63 players.

€ 50 BB-114 Hold’Em 50 Sunday Missile in Vmetatarso

A total of 798 artists invested a total of € 50, to take part in the opening event of the evening, whose prize pool went from the € 30,000 proposed by the room to the € 35,910 originated by the number of members.

The tournament closed shortly after 3 am when “Vmetatarso” got his hands on the victory, first place for a prize of € 2,312 + € 3,389.

Second place for “NoPasaNada”, runner up for € 1,824 + € 604 and third for “1m2good4y0u”, for € 2,079 + € 231. These three players reached an agreement at the end of the tournament.

€ 100 BB-115 NL Yhe Rollercoaster a hagakhan

“Hagakhan” is the winner of the 6.00 Max Turbo PKO at 23.00, in which 329 players took part, raising the prize pool to € 29,610, compared to the guaranteed € 25,000.

The first in the standings took home € 2,260 + € 2,824, putting himself behind in heads up “Peraz77”, an excellent runner up for € 2,260 + € 826.

There were 59 players in the prize pool.

€ 100 Need For Speed ​​a marghe1956mi

Let’s talk about “marghe1956mi” at the Need on Sunday night, on the highest step of the podium for a first prize of € 830 + € 1,491.

A victory of value, as players of the caliber of “SailonWave”, second, “Shodowkizz”, third, and “Granbasso”, fourth, arrived at the final table.

Reached and exceeded even in this case, the guaranteed prize pool of € 7,500, since the 94 members generated one of € 8,460.

€ 20 BB-107 First Strike 8-Max at RockDUNDO

No deal, however, characterized the 20.00 FS, which reported a total of 1,677 players who fought for a € 30,000 GTD prize pool.

The biggest prizes were shared by the official winner “RockDUNDO”, “elflaco436”, runner up and “dexxx23”, third.

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