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“FabDeMeis” and “96fischietto” protagonists of Wednesday

by KZ Poker

Wednesday night crowned “FabDeMeis” and “96fischietto”

Night On Stars and FabDeMeis

The 437 subscribers to Wednesday night’s Stars On Stars on PokerStars had to settle for a € 39,330 prize pool.

This figure was divided into 80 players in the money, after the awkward and unpleasant role of bubble man went to “contendro69”.

At the end of the tournament, a two-way deal was started, due to a concluding part conducted in port by “FabDeMeis”, ranked first for € 5,0805.

The victory came after a final head-to-head victory against “BlazorPahal7”, runner up for the same number as the winner.

Domenico “domenlan” Lando, on the other hand, rose to the bottom step of the podium.


Need for Speed ​​at Thund3rPoker

The victory of the night turbo of the night instead fell to “Thund3rPoker”, first place in the Need For Speed ​​at 23.30.

The tournament was attended by 128 registered players, who shared an official prize pool of € 11,520, higher than the guaranteed € 7,000 offered by the room.

The prize money was 23 for a coin to the winner of € 1,031 + € 1,552.

Second place for “candidopenni” which pocketed € 1,031 + € 720, while in third place it closed “baila994”, third for € 677 + € 518.

Players in the money also include “ManinBlackk”, “xRealxPokerx” and “LonelyBoy99”.


Bounty Builder with 96 whistles

A prize pool of € 20,000 guaranteed was proposed as the most played appetizer of the evening in Italy, the Bounty Builder from € 50 registration.

The event was attended by a total of 566 players who reported an official prize of € 25,470, then divided into 103 players in the money.

The victory was won by “96fischietto” for a prize of € 1,845 + € 2,268, lower than the one that won the second place, “Mr.Squid92”, runner up for € 1,844 + € 643.

Virtual bronze medal for “messie_o_pri”, for a prize of € 1,128 + € 451.


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