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“Fabio Borini” ticks on “coinflip21” in the NOS of the regulars

by KZ Poker

To “Lieutenant88” the Bounty Builder, Fabio Borini on Carrascon

The online night of Tuesday, May 17, which saw the protagonists “lieutenant88”, “Fabio Borini” and “majiko15” ended

€ 100 Night On stars by Fabio Borini

A particularly rich edition of Tuesday ended when, in the middle of the night, it was just after 3 and 20 in the morning, putting on the shields a trio who did not agree to reshape the first three prizes of the payout. .

And so Giulio “Fabio Borini” Sonnino and Mario “coinflip21” Carrascon won first and second place respectively for a prize of € 3,182 + € 3,856 and € 3,182 + € 998.

Among the best placed players, they reached the final table “biagiotta60”, third, “pelliccia89”, fourth and “SailonWave”.

The tournament, presented to those interested with a guaranteed prize pool of € 30,000, registered a number of entrants of 484, which allowed the prize pool to rise to € 43,560, for 87 players in the money.

Fabio Borini

€ 100 Need for Speed ​​a majiko15

It was another PokerStars regular who made everyone agree on the Need For Speed ​​at 11.30pm, the closing turbo tournament of the evening which did not want to miss 100 players who, even in this case, managed to raise the prize pool proposed by the room.

The 17 winning players therefore shared a prize pool of € 9,000, higher than the one proposed by Stars of € 5,000.

Among others, “WrongMate”, runner up for € 1,540, “GeNNaRuleZ”, third for € 1,140 and “LAFAL10”, fourth, among others.

The victory went to “majiko15”, for a prize of € 2,080.

€ 50 Bounty Builder to Lieutenant88

A small mention, finally, to the Bounty Builder, taken by assault by 583 members who brought the official prize pool to reach € 26,235.

The winner was “lieutenant88”, whose winnings of € 1,885 + € 1,216 came in this case without any deal awarded to the placed players.

Second place for “sgrillex”, third for “vadasempre”.

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