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Fabio Peluso is at the final table of the FPS at 6 left

by KZ Poker

Fabio Peluso running for victory. Day 3 of the PokerStars European Poker Tour 2022 presented by Monte-Carlo Casino®️ ended last night and the last six players are ready for the final day of the € 1,100 French Poker Series (FPS) Main Event.

The last six men survived the 62 players who started Day 3 to secure a prize of at least € 54,020, while the first prize of € 290,910 awaits the winner from a total prize pool of € 1,841,280.

Jacob Amsellem is the chip leader of this sextet, after starting the day as one of the short stacks. He is followed by Lucas Scafini in second place and our Fabio Peluso in third. Tibor Nagygyorgy, Florian Guimond and Francois Vincenti complete the first six.

The Day 2 Chronicle

Amsellem arrived on Day 3 with one of the shortest stacks but the tournament’s lead was played fairly quickly, in the first two levels after the double knockout of Jaime Cervantes and Raymond Attal. Amsellem remained active all day and played a decisive role in several eliminations. He entered the final table with over 18 million chips and finished the day with over 20 million.

Scafini, formerly the chip leader of Day 1d, remains alive and will return to Sporting this afternoon with a big stack after eliminating Tahar Said to close the evening.

To you the chipcount of the 6 left (on the right the number of BB)

1 Jacob Amsellem Israel 21,500,000 106

2 Lucas Scafini Brazil 15,450,000 77

3 Fabio Peluso Italy 10,625,000 53

4 Tibor Nagygyorgy Hungary 3,850,000 19

5 Florian Guimond France 3,550,000 18

6 Francois Vincenti France 2,525,000 13

This is the payout to be assigned

€ 1 290,910

€ 2 176,430

€ 3 124,250

€ 4 94,130

€ 5 71,310

€ 6 54,020

The Italians on Day 2, super Fabio Peluso

Eugenio Peralta was among those who started big, also thanks to the rare double cooler against Alexandre Sette and Xavier Rouayroux. In one of the most important hands of the evening, Sette showed up at the show with the women, Rouayroux with the Kappa, both of whom adjusted the axes of Peralta. The blue then closed in 12th place for a coin of € 14,860.

Unfortunate, however, his exit against the chip leader at the end of the day: the blue put his last 12 BB about button, called by Amsellem who started dominated: aq vs q 6. Color on the river for Amsellem and Peralta out of the tournament.

A similar draw for Roberto Forestiero, out with a pair of 5 against that of Kappa by Florian Guimond, and for Antonio Crocetta, out by Florian Decamps with a 2 vs aq.

Fratricidal clash for the exit of Alessandro Adinolfo, birded by Fabio Peluso, at 9 vs 7. A 7 turned the situation in Fabio’s advantage.

This is the Payout of our:

12 ° Eugenio Peralta € 14,860 17 ° Roberto Forestiero € 10,810 20 ° Antonio Crocetta € 9,450 21 ° Alessandro Adinolfo € 8,250 23 ° Luca Marchetti € 8,250 30 ° Giulio Astarita € 6,280 31 ° Alfonso Simone € 6,280 36 ° Giuseppe Zarbo € 5,490 39 ° Angelo Castriota € 5,490 46 ° Michele Guerrini € 4790 48 ° Diego Angeli € 4,790 52 ° Andrea Rocci € 4,790 58 ° Giacomo Lepre € 4,200 62 ° Nicola D’Anselmo € 4,200

The homepage photo is by Fabio Peralta, courtesy of Pokernews & Tomas Stacha.

Super High Roller € 100,000

After eight fast poker levels on Day 1, the highest buy-in to the PokerStars European Poker Tour 2022 presented by the Monte Carlo Casino ended with 34 entries. This is a decent turnout for the € 100,000 Super High Roller event that has attracted many of the best high-stakes players in the world. Of the starters, only 21 players passed the first cut and there are no Italians.

It turned out to be a successful day for pro German poker Marius Gierse, who started strong in the opening levels and seemed to be able to reach a seven-digit stack without any problems. Gierse ended the day at the top of the count with a stack of 1,000,000 chips, which equates to more than 160 big blinds. Gierse, who earns a living primarily in online poker cash games, is beginning to enjoy the fields of high-stakes live tournaments and is enjoying great success. Winning an EPT High Roller event would only increase your resume.

Here is the count of the first:

1 Marius Gierse Austria 1,000,000 167

2 Kent Staahle Norway 997,000 166

3 Sam Greenwood Canada 643,000 107

4 Sam Grafton United Kingdom 619,000 103

5 Mikita Badziakouski Belarus 580,000 97

6 Christoph Vogelsang Germany 549,000 92

7 Mikalai Vaskaboinakau Belarus 468,000 78

8 Timothy Adams Canada 430,000 72

9 Joao Vieira Portugal 430,000 72

10 Daniel Dvoress Canada 420,000 70

Day 2 will begin at 12:30 in the America’s Room of Monte Carlo Sporting on the French Riviera. The blinds will return to level 9, 3,000 / 6,000 and 6,000 big blind ante. The day will end with the completion of the Final Table at 6.

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