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Fist Fight at Hustler Casino kills poker player Tased for Security

by KZ Poker

May 7

“It hit me first!” is often heard when a teacher breaks a fight in the school yard, but this week has been the Casino Hustler ia patrons tasered who witnessed the line after a fights with insults, fists and a board over his head!

Bruh broke it well with that table 😳🤯@kenmillipic.twitter.com/Gu8bgrWtCC

– GrindFace TV (GPound.com) (@grindfacetv_) May 4, 2022

“One more day at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California,” wrote a poker fan on Twitter after seeing the improper fight, sparked when one of the two men arguing insulted the other’s mother.

“You big”it was the phrase that turned an argument-laden discussion in the poker room into an ugly fight, punches thrown and lost before things could get really serious.

One of the men he runs to lift a table and crushes it again on the head of his assailantbefore a security guard appears and use a taser to drop the pattern carrying the table.

That’s when the “Hit Me First!” sounds like a call, the taser with very little effect on man beyond scaring him to the ground.

Meanwhile, the man attacked with the table is seen holding his headeven if it is it is not known how serious his injuries are.

Is away from the first time that the poker room at Hustler Casino, formerly home to the famous owner, porn publisher, and free speech advocate, Larry Flynthas reached the headlines recently.

Earlier this week, Phil Hellmuth it was reprimanded in line for allegedly shooting angles during a live cash game with relatively newcomers to the world of poker.

Phil Hellmuth is a bastard https://t.co/jbOvNJOfZM

– Thomas Keeling (@SrslySirius) May 2, 2022

In February there were already real deception happening during the live game, with Julio “Skillsrocks” Cedillo Prohibited to stick the hands of an opponent and try to collude with another player.

Stuck in a poker cheat by looking at opponents’ cards! https://t.co/JfSE9RLD8R via @YouTube

– Alex Duvall (@alexduvallin) February 3, 2022

The card room is home to some of the most interesting and enjoyable live poker in the world, with its own Hustler Casino Live show, recently presented Phil Ivey i Tom Dwan.

However, he has some precedents for violence to go along with the deception and controversywith co-owner of the poker room, Nick Vertucciinvolved in an altercation last year.

Vertucci collided with Jerryknown as “the whale”after spending too much time on a needle, the watch screamed much to Vertucci’s displeasure.

“Are you out of your fucking mind? There’s $ 12,000 shit in there, I’m trying to make a decision,” Vertucci exploded, adding, “Dude, you’re very offline … I don’t care. you fucking whale! ”

A brief agreement to stay away from each other was quickly broken as Vertucci replied:

“We have another deal, shit!”

That joke saw Jerry throw himself at Vertucci and chaos ensuedalthough no one was beaten in the melee.

What should come out of the Hustler? Whatever it is, good, bad or ugly, we will surely offer you the best of the action right here. PokerTube!

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