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by KZ Poker

In online poker, the most popular tournaments are the so-called “freerolls”, which are totally free online poker tournaments. For these events, in fact, no registration fee is required, although online poker rooms offer a prize pool that can be cash or tickets valid for other tournaments.

We have selected for you the ones that seem to be the best proposals of this weekend. If you want to know the complete weekly calendar of freerolls, you can consult our daily calendar on free tournaments.

Betaland Sunday

Let’s start with Betaland.it, the poker room of the People’s Poker circuit. Freeroll space on Sunday with 50 euros in prize money. The start is scheduled for tomorrow at 21.00, in the middle of Sundays. If you want to play freerolls, you need to create a game account on Betaland.it.

Double on Stars

Appointments not to be missed on Pokerstars.it. The red spade room offers a double tournament tonight. At 20.30 it offers a Free Match for a month with as much as 1,000 euros in the prize pool. 50 minutes later, at exactly 9.20 pm, here is the “Bounty Builder Turbo” which is giving away something like 15,000 euros. To participate in the freerolls you must have an active account on Pokerstars.it.

Freeroll Challenge

Great appointment on 888Poker.it. Tomorrow at 20.00, space at the Casino Freeroll Challenge, a tournament that offers a guaranteed prize of 500 euros. To participate in freerolls you must have an active account on 888Poker.it.

An explosive Sunday

On Snai and Sisal (iPoker), there is an unmissable appointment such as Freeroll Explosive Sunday, which guarantees 500 euros in prize money on both rooms. Start tomorrow at 6:45 p.m. The schedule then confirms the 50 Freerolls to enrich the free offer of the network. Their departure time? 16:05, then 21:05 and finally 22:35.

Spins on fire

Let’s move on to PartyPoker.it which gives us a double date today. At 12.30 here is the SPINS Freeroll which puts up a prize of 50 euros. At 4.30 pm here is the encore. To participate in the free poker tournaments on this platform, you must create a game account and activate it on PartyPoker.

Freebie, double fun

We close with Lottomatica.it. Tonight at 11.30 pm, space for the Freebie, which guarantees 25 euros in the prize pool. Tomorrow at 9.00, here is the second appointment. To participate in the free poker tournaments on this platform, you must create a game account and activate it on Lottomatica.

Freeroll Poker Club

The Freeroll Poker Club is a series of free online poker tournaments reserved for members of the group (here are all the details). Poker Club tournaments are played on these platforms:

Here is the calendar for the week *, which offers € 1,950:

Sunday 9pm on Sisal (prize pool € 300) Monday 9pm on PokerStars (€ 500 prize pool) Tuesday 10pm on 888Poker (€ 400 prize pool) Wednesday 9pm on Betaland (€ 250 prize pool) Thursday 9pm on Snai (€ 250 prize pool) Friday 9pm on PartyPoker (€ 250 prize pool)

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