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Gambit Rewards CEO Richard Pistilli On Bally’s Acquisition Of Snipp

by KZ Poker

Soon, royal888 online and retail gamblers will enjoy more perks when using Rhode Island-based Bally’s Corporation products. That’s because on April 12, Bally’s Interactive division signed an agreement to invest $ 5 million in Vancouver-headquartered Snipp Interactive.

Part of this deal may need a bit more explanation, namely Gambit Rewards, a Montreal-based company Snipp acquired in February for $ 5 million. To help players understand Gambit Rewards, founder and CEO Richard Pistilli spoke with Online Poker Report.

The agreement includes Bally’s retail royal888 slot and online products. Given our focus, OPR is especially interested in how Gambit will reward Bally Casino players in New Jersey, as well as Bally Bet sports bettors. The Bally Bet sportsbook is available in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana and Virginia. It’s also slated to launch soon in New York. Here’s what Pistilli had to say.

How will SnippLoyalty and Gambit Rewards impact Bally players?

With SnippLoyalty, Bally players will be able to enjoy an omnichannel rewards experience, connecting their land-based casino and entertainment with Bally’s online properties.

The program will extend beyond state lines, ensuring a continuous experience across the nation; a first of its kind, frankly, for the emerging online gaming industry.

With Gambit Rewards, players will be able to access a unique free gaming experience in both New Jersey, and out-of-state, that offers real cash winnings, as well as Bally’s rewards.

Who are the Rewards Partners in Gambit Rewards?

Right now, Gambit’s reach comes mainly through digital gift card distributors who touch over 200 rewards programs, including financial institutions, airlines and hotels.

More specifically, Gambit participated in a year-long pilot program with Swagbucks from March of 2020 to March of 2021. Swagbucks is the leading rewards program that offers free gift cards and cash-back rewards for everyday online activity.

Over the course of the year, $ 10 million in cash, points and gift cards were awarded. Repeat-user rates topped 50% and the offering was ranked in the top five most popular gift cards. It’s worth emphasizing that players cumulatively won millions without having to put down a single dime of their own money; playing with “found” money in the form of acquired loyalty points. In the year-plus that followed the pilot period, Swagbucks has kept Gambit Rewards as an offering on their site.

What are games on Gambit Rewards? Which ones will Bally’s gamblers see?

Gambit offers its members free bets on live sporting events, as well as slot games. The sporting games are designed to simulate the traditional betting experience – pick the winner, play the odds, or over / under. Winners receive more tokens, which can ultimately be redeemed for cash or other prizes. Losing bets only cost you loyalty points – there is never a cash risk.

We don’t know what Bally’s gamblers will see, as that is Bally’s decision.

Will these Bally’s games via Gambit Rewards be in all states?

Gambit currently operates its Loyalty Gaming platform in 48 states and intends to extend access in the near future. Gambit connects gaming with consumers nationwide through an untapped channel, loyalty programs. Currently we are in discussion with Bally’s on some of these elements.

What Bally’s games will players see, especially those in New Jersey?

Gambit currently offers a traditional sportsbook option, and a sampling of slot games. Soon, we will unveil a new and robust offering, backed by the power of the Bally’s platform. Currently we are in discussion with Bally’s on some of these elements.

Will Gambit Rewards, SnippLoyalty and SnipCare work together to market Bally Bet and Bally Casino as the apps launch in legal states?

That’s the beauty of partnership – all properties and platforms are complementary. Gambit will connect with players nationwide, Snipp will deliver [an] omnichannel experience and Bally’s will expand upon its impressive market reach.

Will Gambit Rewards rebrand to Bally Rewards?

We are exploring a co-branded experience that combines Gambit with the Bally’s brand. Bally’s is our exclusive gaming partner and we are exploring different implementation models.

Is there anything else OPR readers should know?

The market for online sports betting and iGaming is still in its infancy. All major players are investing heavily to gain market share, state by state. This presents incredible challenges with continuous user experience across state lines.

With Snipp, we can deliver the first truly comprehensive, omnichannel loyalty experience to Bally’s customers, while also opening up the Loyalty Gaming channel exclusively to Bally’s. With an estimated $ 100 [billion] in unused loyalty points currently outstanding [in the US]this is an unprecedentedly large, untapped opportunity.

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