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GTO QUIZ – The best 4-bet bluff combo

by KZ Poker

GTO quiz or optimal game theory, the optimal game theory that in a hypothetical continuum of styles is the opposite of the exploitative game, that based on the tendencies of the individual opponent.

Today we examine the hands with which to bluff. This is because if we responded with a raise to a tribe only with monster hands, we would be immediately readable.

This is why a range of fourbets that wants to be balanced, in addition to the strongest hands in all of poker, must also contain other types.

Quiz: here’s the hand

Cash game online NL50, 6-handed, actual stack $ 50.

$ 1.10 raise from HJ, after folding opponents small blind tribetta $ 3.55, in bluff fourbetti € 8.50 with…

A –
B –
C –

Note: All possible combos are meant, not just the ones shown: combos with cards of the same suit include all suited combos.

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The solution

The correct answer is C: of the three options, the best hand to bluff with is A5s. In the construction of a range of fourbet in bluff, three different types of hands must be understood.

For starters, hands that are not strong enough to flatter a tribe: this type of combo is usually played in a raise or fold, as they will hardly find good points on the board.

Then there are the hands that have good blockers and therefore restrict the chances that the opponent has cards to continue attacking.

Finally, you can bluff hands that have good postflop playability, with the possibility of realizing their potential equity.

From the hands of the quiz, AQs is a combo strong enough to call the opposing tribet. So is the pair of five, at least at certain frequencies, but unlike the other options it has no blockers.

A5s, on the other hand, is a combo that is not strong enough to call a tribet, has good blockers and also has good postflop gameplay as it can find double pairs, scales and colors on the board.

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