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GTO Quiz – The highest frequency handball

by KZ Poker

Another appointment with our quizzes on the GTO, acronym for Game Theory Optimal, the theory of the optimal game that in a hypothetical continuum of styles is placed at the opposite end of the exploitative game, that is based on specific adverse trends.

In this episode we see which is the combo with which to continue in continuation bet at the highest frequency after relaunching preflop, with the first three community cards hitting the range of the big blind much more than ours.

The quiz

MTT 9-max, blinds 200/400 ante 50. The actual stack of the hand is 40x.

From cutoff hero relaunch 900, call BB.

On the T86 flop, which hand should the hero hit at the highest frequency, after the BB check?




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Solution and explanation

The correct answer is C: among the three options, the combo that hero must hit at the highest frequency on this flop is QJ.

On the first three cards, the big blind has a clear range advantage, especially when it comes to stronger hands. In fact, its range contains many double pairs and stairs that hero cannot have.

It is very likely that the big blind will not fold on a single bet, also because a very large part of his range connects on this flop.

Thanks to the gutshot, QJs have a decent equity to go on and, in the event of an opponent’s call, also to shoot a second barrel on the turn – especially if a checkered card arrives that opens the color scheme.

With AKs and KQs, on the other hand, we will be forced to abandon our hand by moving in check-fold on most turns.

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