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GTO Quiz – The weakest hand to raise the river for value

by KZ Poker

Another GTO quiz, the optimal game theory, which in a hypothetical continuum of styles is placed at the opposite end of the game of exploitation, that is, based on the specific tendencies of the opponent.

Today we look at a blind war in which the hero checks three roads out of position and the river, after the check behind the flop and turn of the opponent, has to evaluate what to raise on his bet.

The quiz

HU cash game with 100bb stack. Open SB, call BB. The hand goes to check-in on board A7646. On the river the opponent bets 1/3 pot: which is the weakest hand that SB can raise for value?

A: Color
B: Trips
C: Top pair
D: Underpair from 88 to KK

Solution and explanation

The correct answer is C: the weakest hand that the small blind player can raise in value is top pair, for accuracy especially any combo formed by an ace with a kicker higher than 7.

Here’s what small blinds should do on the big blind bet river according to GTO Wizards software: red indicates raises, green indicates calls, blue indicates folds.

Bonus Comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses currently verifiable on the sites of Italian operators. This table has an informative function and the operators are shown in random order.

The software also provides the big blind bet river range, which after this action is largely made up of second pairs. Depending on the optimal game, the opponent may have a top pair of just over three times a hundred!

Big blind’s blocking bet strategy

With an ace in hand, in fact, the big blind would bet on one of the previous roads. The very wide ranges and the passive line mean that a hand like A8o has about 90% equity in front of this bet.

To maximize the value in hand the raise is ideal. And at this point you could start another quiz: how often should the big blind call with their second pair?

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