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Hustler Casino Live to host a historic $1 million minimum buy-in poker game

by KZ Poker

In May, Hustler Casino Live (HCL) will host which producer Ryan Feldman anticipates it will be the “biggest event in live poker history” — a $1 million minimum buy-in cash game.

In fact, there could be two games, if Feldman puts together several nosebleed games, which he told PokerNews he will try to pull off. The exact date of the play has not yet been determined. The show’s co-founder said they won’t set a date until the schedule is in place.

What we do know at this point is that the no-limit hold’em blinds will start at $500/$1,000, but you can expect the blinds to increase as the session progresses and potentially over $15 million or more on the table before it’s all said and done. Feldman appeared on the HCL’s pregame show Tuesday afternoon with the host Billy “DGAF” to share the ad.

Shooting for the stars

Will Alan Keating Appear In The Million Dollar Hustler Casino Live Game?

Feldman, who together with Nick Vertuccand, launched Hustler Casino Live in August 2021 and the live poker show of Casino Hustler in Los Angeles has dominated the industry ever since. There has never been a more popular live show, not even Live on the Bikewhich Feldman previously directed.

Last May, HCL hosted the legendary “MrBeast Game”, a table full of YouTube and Twitch mega-stars along with poker pros Phil Hellmuth i Tom Dwan. At one point, the audience reached 37,000 concurrent viewers on HCL’s YouTube channel and over 100,000 on multiple channels, a poker record by far. If the show’s producer has any say, the million-dollar shopping spree will crush those numbers.

“Our goal is to get more views than the MrBeast game,” Feldman said.

So who can viewers expect to compete for unthinkable amounts of money in May? A fan favorite, Alan Keatingit is certainly a possibility.

“Keating is a superstar and we want him to be in every major show we put on,” Feldman said. “And we’re sure we’ll have him in this game.”

But as Feldman explained, Keating isn’t locked into the game yet, and neither is he Eric Persson, another regular in the high stakes games in Southern California and Las Vegas. But both are on Hustler’s radar.

“We have enough of our local players to pull it off.”

While he doesn’t have the lineup ready yet, Feldman expressed confidence that he can push through and assemble a roster of big-money players who can also entertain audiences.

“We have enough of our local players that we will be able to pull it off,” he confidently stated.

The potential lineup could be a mix of players like Keating and Persson, mainstream poker legends and perhaps non-poker celebrities similar to the MrBeast game, which Feldman said he’d love to get.

“Let’s go find the stars.”

On Monday, PokerGO also announced a $1 million live stream that will air on February 17th. The program will include Persson, Patrik Antonius, MJ Gonzalez, Rob Yong, Rick Salomoni Andrew Robl.


— PokerGO (@PokerGO)

Both games should be highly entertaining and should attract a massive audience.

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