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Hustler Casino Live’s Creator Poker Night Broadcast presents a new show to viewers

by KZ Poker

May 8

The growing trend of hiring online and streaming content makers to market poker has contributed to the resurgence of a poker boom. Streamers have done this by broadcasting poker to new audiences.

Hustler Casino Live teamed with WPT Global to host a stardom Creator Poker Night live broadcast with this style. The program included a table with Alexandra Boteza FIDE Master Teacher; Ludwig Ahgren, a sports expert and participant; and video game wheels “QTCinderella” i “Sliker”, as well as Jamie Kerstetter in the comment box. In addition, the program included five more content creators from Twitch, YouTube and Instagram: Margaux Brooke, “Fuslie”, “Ovilee”, “Sykkuno” and “Slime”.

The HCL flow has always been one excellent diversion of the overly polished game from the more “serious” cash game programs.. This stream meets your criteria wild energy, continuous conversation at the table and general sense of the amateur atmosphere.

Each player started with a stack of $ 2,500 chips ia second bullet of $ 2,500 in his pocket. The shutters started at $ 5 / $ 10 each. Compared to the normal HCL rate, this game was subtly different. There was without professionals present at the table. The dealer had to guide Sliker through the initial hand play sequence.

After an hour of play, the blinds increased, and the player with the most money at the end of the session received trophy and an additional $ 5,000 to add what they earned to the tables.

Six of the seven players at the table saw first-hand failure (two players were late), the hand ended with a flurry of frantic explanations of how the showdown works on both sides. Botez won the first hand in the middle of the frenzy.

It was the first series of events to take place over the next few hours. Botez finished with the largest stack of chips, roughly $ 10,675. She proved it better understanding of the game (as expected from someone who competes in professional chess tournaments). Although he bent his best hand in the river in response to a ten-stroke Sykkuno shot just before the end of the play, Botez was able to ensure victory.

Slime was hot in his tail, following her $ 10,385, most of which he had given away to busted players. Sykkuno was the only other participant who made money. QTCinderella, Sliker and Ludwig failed, leaving everyone with a loss in between $ 600 and $ 800. The entire stream is available on YouTube.

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