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IPO Sanremo 2022: Bag among the best of Day1C

by KZ Poker

IPO Sanremo 2022 – The third flight of the MILLION has been played. A total of 68 players were promoted to Day2, among the best Ale Borsa.

IPO Sanremo 2022: Day2 bag with Elephant and Giannelli

On the books, with 68 left out of 321 entries, the third flight of the IPO 1 MILLION in Sanremo. Excellent day of Alessandro ’90giuda90 ′ Bag that closed close to the best with 211,000 chips.

But there were really many well-known faces of Italian online poker who threw themselves into the fray, among others they also won the pass for Day2 Alessio ‘fivebet565’ Quintavalle, 50th with 106,500, Francesco ‘IwasZiopippo’ Elephant, 65th in the count with 76,500, Salvatore ‘totosara_93’ Saracino, 67th with 73,500, and Alessandro ‘aleppp’ Giannelli, 68th with 54,500 chips.

Special edition of the Italian Poker Open (IPO) in Sanremo

Yotam Bar-Yosef took the top, third De Marco

The chip leader of Day1C was the Israeli Yotam Bar-Yosef who, thanks to a stack of 583,500, managed to keep at bay his compatriot, and better known, Ori Hasson, second with almost 480,000, and the blue Eugenio De Marco, third with 397,500.

In the Top Ten we also find Luca Troisi with 348,000, Luca Passalacqua with 316,500 and Fabio Ferrara with 291,000 chips.

Here is the best count in detail:

1. BAR YOSEF YOTAM – 583,500
2. HASSON ORI – 479,500
3. DE MARCO EUGENIO – 397,500
4. TROISI LUCA – 348,000
5. ERIKSSON VIKTOR – 347,500
6. TAOUINT SAMIR – 341,000
7. JAOUADI SAMIR – 340,000
9. RAZAFINDRA – 298,000
10. FERRARA FABIO – 291,000

IPO Sanremo 2022: today the fourth flight of the 7 planned

Meanwhile, Day1D is about to start, scheduled for 3 pm today. In all, there will be 7 opening flights with the last one, Day1G, which will start on Saturday, May 7 at 6 p.m.

For updates, stay tuned to our home.

The schedule with all the tournaments of the IPO Sanremo 2022

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