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Kahle Burns comments on Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schi …

by KZ Poker

Recent cheating scandals affecting the high-stakes poker scene show no signs of abating. Just over a week ago, Alex Foxen made public his allegations about Ali Imsirovic cheating at GGPoker and also looking at Paul Phua’s cards at a super high roller event.

A few days later, Justin Bonomo tweeted about his experiences of losing more than a million dollars in games with people using real-time assistance, also claiming that Imsirovic was not even the biggest RTA cheater. The person who allegedly turned out to be Jake Schindler, who is also banned from GGPoker.

Now, Australian tournament professional Kahle Burns has pondered some of her own opinions. With more than $ 10 million in live tournament winnings and a record in high-stakes GGPoker events, you should be more than qualified to give an accurate opinion of what you witnessed.

IMO at first, despite obviously being strong players, were not at the top of the hierarchical order of elite players. I’m sure he was leaking to me too, but at first they were one of the biggest losers. I clearly remember that almost overnight they played much slower and much better.

– Kahle Burns (@ROFLshove) April 20, 2022

Much slower and better almost overnight is a compelling accusation when it comes to using RTA.

Burns wrote: “I remember thinking they were both using RTA. In all sports where there’s a lot of money, glory, fame, it doesn’t matter. to boast that it is not moving to higher levels here. ”

It has been noted that neither Imsirovic nor Schindler have commented on any of these allegations. Nor about the GGPoker ban. Many see this as strong evidence that the couple is waiting for the storm to pass and then they can continue playing elsewhere.

Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. by Paul Phua.

Obviously, it’s not 100% that both of them are to blame for XY and Z ATMs. But their radio silence is deafening. All of this should be thoroughly investigated and, if found guilty, additional punishment should be imposed. The same goes for other similar catches.

– Kahle Burns (@ROFLshove) April 20, 2022

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