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Knockout Games Knock it Out of the Park for 888poker

by KZ Poker

The 888poker Knockout Games ended on May 10, and in the end, more than 20,000 unique players hit the virtual felt looking to collect rewards on the heads of their teammates. With more than 25,000 total entries, the series reached more than 10% above the original $ 1.26 million guarantee.

The Knockout Games kicked off at 888poker on April 24 with the first of 44 games scheduled through May 10. In the end, more than 20.5 thousand unique players combined to get just over 25 thousand total tickets to surpass the initial series guarantee by more than 12%.

In 44 games in total, the series only lost the warranty seven times, but overall, all seven games collected significantly higher rates than the required overlay. In the end, the total prizes were more than $ 150,000 higher than originally promised before the series began.

888poker Knockout Games Summary

Total Games: 44 Total Guarantees: $ 1,260,000 Total Prizes: $ 1,414,425 Additional Prizes: $ 154,425 Beat Guarantee: 12.26%

Blow-by-Blow KO Games

Although the first game in the series saw the second largest overlay, the series had a high score. Aside from the $ 2,800 overlay on the $ 125,000 opening event, the other two games on the opening day exceeded their guarantees by $ 7,000 combined.

After that, these were mostly eco-friendly awards for the rest of the series compared to the warranties. There were seven games that lost their guarantees for almost $ 13.5 thousand combined, but those games raised nearly $ 35,000 in commissions between them, so the small overlays in the series were easily covered.

Of the 37 games that broke their guarantees, The Main Event shone brightest. More than 1,650 tickets were registered for the PKO of the $ 300,000 main event, bringing the total prize pool to $ 331,600. The $ 50,000 Mini Main Event was also very appealing to players with total prizes of approximately 34% above the guarantee.

The best performing game was event no. 35: $ 10,000 Mini PKO Freezeout. The not-so-classic freezeout game got 313 tickets for a total prize pool of $ 15,650, 56.50% over the $ 10,000 guarantee.

Maximum Prize Difference: $ 31,600 Event # 43: $ 300,000 Maximum PKO Prize Difference for Main Event: 56.5% Event # 35: $ 10,000 Mini PKO Freezeout Prize Difference: $ 6,300 Event # 22: $ 150,000 Tune Up PKO Minimum Premium Difference: -322%. 27: $ 5,000 Late PKOmaha 6-Max

Overall, the series worked very well with over $ 100,000 in profits with almost $ 122,000 in commissions. That made the $ 13.5,000 total overlays much easier to handle with a six-figure profit still on hand.

Lose guarantee: 7 Success guarantee: 37 Total fees charged: $ 121,780 Total overpayment paid: $ 13,490 Total tickets: 25,035 Total single players: 20,529

The International Battle

It was an international series for 888poker, but the Brazilians crushed the rest of the world with 8 titles. A total of 15 countries were represented among the winners of this series, and nine countries hosted more than one winner.

Romania and Ukraine tied for second place with five titles, while Denmark and Germany tied for third place with four titles each.

The top five national titles

Brazil – 8 Romania – 5 Ukraine – 5 Denmark – 4 Germany – 4

The operator is now looking forward to hosting its XL Spring Series, which usually takes place in May. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but 888 has rolled out the main event to its client with its Day 2 scheduled for June 6th. Expect global guarantees to be around $ 1.5 million for this year’s edition.

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