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Krish Menon fights Bryn Kenney in a $ 934,000 pot at High Stakes Poker

by KZ Poker

The wrappers Bryn Kenneywho has recently been at the center of allegations of deception, took one of the worst bad rhythms of High Stakes Poker history, losing a $ 934,000 pot against him Krish Menon.

The show was filmed at PokerGO long before the recent allegations came to light. Kenney, the most successful live tournament player of all time in poker, is said to have run a cult online poker stable that involved collusion and ghosts between the group. He denied the allegations in a 70-minute interview with PokerNews in April, though new tests published by PokerNews last week he contradicted some of his statements.

Most of the same table last week’s episode returned to action for the 12th episode of Season 9, which aired Monday night on PokerGO. Joan Andrés it was the only change, replacing Phil Ivey. Menon, Kenney, Tom Dwan, Stanley Tang, Eric Persson, Patrik Antoni i Garrett Adelstein they were also in the game.

Adelstein’s struggles continue

Garrett Adelstein

Adelstein, one of the best cash gaming professionals in the world, has not had much success during his High Stakes Poker debut season. He openly admitted to PokerNews that he was disappointed with his game.

In the last episode, his bad luck continued and he also lost a valuable opportunity in one hand and failed to get a beacon in the other.

Andress rose from the starting position to $ 3,000 in the $ 500 / $ 1,000 game. Adelstein called the button with his, the blinds folded, and the two remaining players saw a flop of, giving Andress trips. He scored and “G-Man” bet $ 8,000 with the queen-high. His rival made the call.

The turn was the and again the player in position marked the button, which followed the example. When he appeared on the river, Andress continued to play slowly and scored on Adelstein, who had zero face value and could not give up the pot without a fight. He bet $ 40,000 on a lighthouse, but had to retire when it went up to $ 150,000.

“Why do you always have to lose your big bets?” Persson, who participated in a recent vulgar spit with Phil Hellmuth, Adelstein needle. “You have to lose small bets.”

Soon after, Persson may have gotten the best of Adelstein in a cooler pot. The board was shown and there was $ 73,000 in the jar. Persson, holding on to a pair of two flops, looked at Adelstein in the hole.

Concerned about the potential of color, a hand that was certainly within Persson’s range, Adelstein ended up reviewing it instead of going for value. I was in a tough spot on a wet board against a loose cannon player, so signing up for that spot was far from a bad decision.

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Menon offers a brutal rhythm of the river

Krish Menon

The hand of the day, the season, and perhaps the entire nine seasons of High Stakes Poker took place at the end of the show. Remember the day when Gus Hansen he made an outside point for the quads to crack That of Daniel Negreanu highest set? That hand you’re about to read about was certainly just as entertaining, and perhaps even more so for Kenney’s long list of haters he has amassed over the past few weeks.

Stanley Tangthe Founder of the DoorDash food delivery app, riding up to $ 2,000 and the first raise to $ 7,000 came from Menon in starting position with. Kenney, in late position with, made a bet of three to $ 20,000.

Menon was the only player to call and they both saw a failure and Kenney threw a $ 30,000 travel continuation bet after his action was reviewed. The bet did not convince his opponent to withdraw, and it was his turn to complete Kenney’s sheet.

Menon checked again, Kenney bet $ 80,000, and then he heard music in his ears: “It’s up to $ 200,000.”

He called and then Menon hit his lucky two outside the river: the. After reaching a better sheet, Menon all-in for Kenney’s $ 215,000 cash stack and made a quick call, creating a $ 934,500 pot, the largest of the season. With that, Menon claimed one of the biggest pots in the show’s history.

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Episode 13 will air at 5pm PT next Monday at PokerGO. Fans can watch all episodes, past and present, on demand by purchasing a PokerGO subscription. We’ll see next week if Adelstein was being too hard on himself or if his game didn’t live up to the quality his fans are used to seeing.

* Images courtesy of PokerGO.

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