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MTT online poker, Bounty Series: Ale Siena picks up the Rollercoaster

by KZ Poker

MTT Online Poker – The last day of the Bounty Builder Turbo Series is also on the books. Here’s who won the hottest events

MTT Online Poker May 11, 2022: ‘dax_the_law’ ships the Demolisher

As always, we start our report on the Bounty Series from the most “important” tournament, the Demolisher 8-Max (Event # 81) from 50 euros buy in and 30,000 euros in guaranteed prize pool (631 entries).

This time the winner was ‘dax_the_law’ who, after beating heads up ‘MISTERTOPIC’ (€ 3,017), pocketed 4,303 euros between coin and size. ‘Black98Demon’ (€ 1,523) also climbed the podium, while the player ‘andrea171282’ (€ 1,168) stopped at the most beautiful.

‘dax_the_law’ spreads all in the Demolisher

MTT online poker May 11, 2022: back to back for ‘alesiena17’, still his Rollercoaster

It was won instead, once again, by the excellent Alessandro ‘alesiena17’ Siena l’MTT with the “heaviest” entrance ticket, the Rollercoaster 6-Max (Event # 84) from 100 euros of buy in and from almost 20,000 euros in prize money (214 entries).

The former winner of the Rollercoaster on Thursday, May 5, was granted the sensational encore by collecting another 3,980 euros. On this lap the role of runner up was played by the grinder Matteo ‘TESTADIDONNA’ Calzoni (€ 2,594) who preceded on the podium the good ‘sapy000’ (€ 1,304).

Ale Siena wins the Rollercoaster

Bounty Builder Turbo Series – The winners of other tournaments

And let’s close our PokerStars BBTS report with Events # 80 and # 79, the 20-euro Sun-Run 8-Max buy-in (1,434 tickets with 30,000 euros guaranteed) and the 10-euro Wild Hunt 8-Max of buy in (2,752 entries with 25,000 euros guaranteed).

In the first it was ‘datmadonqall3r’, first for 2,909 euros, on the deal mates ‘MIKE9983’ (€ 2,494), ‘gwennico’ (€ 1,961) and ‘leone1992’ (€ 1,792). In the second, ‘huleke’ (€ 2,451) won over ‘taormina68’ (€ 1,861) and ‘I1venio’ (€ 1,090).

Deal to 4 in Event # 80

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