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MTT Online Poker: FabDeMeis and BlazorPahai7 split NoS

by KZ Poker

MTT Online Poker, April 27, 2022 – Pair Deal between ‘FabDeMeis’ and ‘BlazorPahai7’ in Wednesday Night’s Stars on Stars. No agreements in Need for Speed ​​PKO, where ‘Thund3rPoker’ has prevailed. Success also for ‘compa_EFFE’, protagonist in Colpo Grosso.

MTT online poker April 27: NoS between ‘FabDeMeis’ and ‘BlazorPahai7’, third Domenico Lando

The Night on Stars (437 tickets for almost € 40,000 in prize pool) ended on Wednesday night with PokerStars.

The players ‘FabDeMeis’ and ‘BlazorPahai7’ have in fact decided to split 5,805 euros per head once the third inconvenience was eliminated, the very good regular Domenico ‘domenlan’ Lando (€ 3,608 – Cover Photo).

Split between ‘FabDeMeis’ and ‘BlazorPahai7’

MTT Online Poker April 27: ‘Thund3rPoker’ hits the Need

No agreement in the Need for Speed ​​Progressive KO 8-Max Turbo from 100 euros buy in and 11,520 euros in prize pool (128 entries). ‘Thund3rPoker’ beat the competition, beating the runner-up ‘candidopenni’ (€ 1,751) and the third-placed ‘baila994’ (€ 1,195) in the final stages, and took home 2,584 euros in coins and sizes.

Need a ‘Thund3rPoker’

Other tournaments: Big shot for ‘compa_EFFE’

And the Colpo Grosso also recorded a full triumph with 109 euros in buy in and 7,900 euros in prize money (79 entries). This time the top 888poker tournament was won by ‘compa_EFFE’, first for € 2,361 in loot, on ‘PigHors3’ (€ 1,571) and ‘totyno93’ (€ 1,105).

All the winners of the 888poker Big Deal

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