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MTT Online Poker: iPokerRoyal at ‘Vescherio’, ‘FrancescoTenag00’ on Super Sunday

by KZ Poker

MTT Online Poker – Second and final report of the day with the results of Sundays on the iPoker and People’s Poker networks and beyond…

MTT online poker May 2, 2022: ‘vescherio’ cash in on iPokerRoyal

Let’s start with iPokerRoyal, from 250 euros of buy in and 75,000 euros in guaranteed prize pool (215 entries), where in the end a ‘vescherio’ was imposed for 14,763 euros between currency and size.

Beaten in heads up ‘pewpewboom’, he still won a prize for almost 12,000 euros, while he finished third, for a total of 6,380 euros, the player ‘Sm4shGuy’. Bad the chip leader of Day1 ‘defa888’ who was eliminated in 16th place with a in the money of 784 euros.

‘vescherio’ on fire, his iPokerRoyal

MTT Online Poker May 2, 2022: ‘FrancescoTenag00’ wins Super Sunday

Instead, he went to ‘FrancescoTenag00’ the other Sunday, the Super Sunday with a 100 euro buy-in and a 15,000 euro guaranteed prize pool (141 entries).

The regular on the People’s Poker circuit overtook the rivals ‘marco1505′ (€ 2,448) and ’11bambino11’ (€ 1,761) in the sprint and thus put the 3,429 euros of the loot in his pocket.

Super Sunday goes to ‘FrancescoTenag00’

Other tournaments: Big shot for ‘tostovip’

We close our report with the Colpo Grosso (87 entries with 109 euros of buy in), on Monday night marked 888poker, which recorded the sharpness of an always excellent ‘tostovip’.

The grinder secured the first prize of 2,610 euros after defeating in heads up ‘Visvitos’, second for 1,740 euros. ‘ELCacciator’ also climbed the podium, third for 1,218 euros.

All 9 winners of the 888poker Big Deal

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