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MTT online poker: Stevanato shot the Super NoS

by KZ Poker

MTT online poker – Luca ‘steva10’ Stevanato went to the Super NoS on Thursday night. Successes in the evening also for Guido ‘POGGIAIOLO’ Pieraccini and Giuseppe ‘peppruocc’ Ruocco, both protagonists in the Bounty Builder Turbo Series.

MTT Online Poker May 12, 2022: ‘steva10’on fire, its the Super NoS PKO

But let’s start with the Super Night on Stars Progressive KO 8-Max, from 250 euros of buy in and over 58,000 euros of prize pool (258 entries), which recorded the treble of an always excellent Luca ‘steva10’ Stevanato.

The Venetian grinder was released in heads up of ‘VD_Gambler’ (€ 6,353) and took home, between coin and size, almost 10,000 euros. The other regular Alessandro ‘xJaNdRo27x’ Sarro (€ 5,241) also climbed the podium, while the former winner of the Super NoS on Thursday 3 February ‘bobofolle’ (€ 2,520) gave up on the best.

Stevanato signs the Super NoS PKO

MTT Online Poker May 12, 2022: ‘Madness92’ and ‘POGGIAIOLO’ score in Bounty Series

And let’s move on to the Bounty Builder Turbo Series and, in detail, to the 2 most “important” tournaments of last night: the Demolisher 8-Max (Event # 88) of 50 euros buy in and 40,000 euros in guaranteed prize pool (809 tickets) and the Rollercoaster 6-Max (Event # 91) for 100 euros buy in and 23,580 euros in prize money (262 tickets).

In the Demolisher, the unleashed ‘Madness92’ came out, for a total of 5,955 euros, on ‘fedking92’ (€ 3,526) and Luca ‘delfo182’ Delfino (€ 2,162). The Rollercoaster instead went to another prominent name in online poker made in Italy, the good Guido ‘POGGIAIOLO’ Pieraccini, who thus secured a total prize of 3,712 euros.

Guido ‘POGGIAIOLO’ Pieraccini the Rollercoaster of the Bounty Series

Bounty Builder Turbo Series, also wins Giuseppe ‘peppruocc’ Ruocco

We close our daily report by reporting the triumph of Giuseppe ‘peppruocc’ Ruocco, for 1,895 euros of knockout booty, in the Madcap ZOOM Hyper 6-Max Total KO (Event # 92) also of the Bounty Series.

Giuseppe ‘peppruocc’ Ruocco spreads everyone in the Total KO

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