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MTT online poker: ‘Tozyzy.28’ scores in Big Shot, ‘Maverik466’ points to Explosive

by KZ Poker

MTT online poker – Here is the report with the Sundays of the other rooms. ‘Tozyzy.28’ wins again, he scored again in the Big Shot. Well also ‘lapatty1974’ in the Master while ‘Maverik466’ and ‘LUPENNNNNNNNNNN’ command in Explosive and Super Sunday.

MTT online poker May 15, 2022: ‘Tozyzy.28’ always “hot”, still his Big Shot

But let’s start with the tournaments already completed and, in detail, the Colpo Grosso Sunday, from 109 euros buy-in and 20,000 euros in guaranteed prize pool (199 entries), which once again recorded the treble of ‘Tozyzy.28 ‘.

This time the regular 888poker was released in the final of the rivals ‘Dormopoco1’ (€ 3,330) and ‘OMGrafiki’ (€ 2,400) and thus put in his pocket the more than 4,600 euros of the loot.

‘Tozyzy.28’ on fire on 888poker

MTT Online Poker May 15, 2022: ‘lapatty1974’ ships the PKO Master

Instead, ‘lapatty1974’ won, for almost 2,000 euros in total winnings between coins and denominations, in PartyPoker’s The Master PKO (71 entries with 100 euros buy-in).

The players ‘THO..R.MMY’ (€ 975) and ‘ABACO’ (€ 768) also climbed the podium while stopping under ‘terrorenero77’ (€ 753).

The PKO Master’s ‘lapatty1974’

The other tournaments: ‘Maverik466’ tests us in the Explosive, ‘LUPENNNNNNNNNNN’ in the Super Sunday

And we end our report on MTT online on Sunday with the 2 remaining events: the Explosive PKO of 100 euros buy in and 50,000 euros in guaranteed prize pool (442 entries at the moment, late registration will remain open until start of Day2) and the Super Sunday from 100 euros of buy in and from 15,000 euros of guaranteed prize pool (140 entries).

In the iPoker network tournament, ‘Maverik466’ flew to the top, with a stack of 228,013 virtual tokens, on the 126 Left. In the People’s Poker circuit, he leads the player ‘LUPENNNNNNNNNNN’ (164,760) with 56 Left.

There’s ‘Maverik466’ at the top of the PKO Explosive

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