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Online poker is at its peak in the pandemic year

by KZ Poker

The pandemic is blowing up virtual gaming halls: turnover rises to 2 trillion dollars

In the year of the pandemic in Europe, there was someone who celebrated: the managers of the virtual gaming rooms, who had record revenues. Especially in the Italian poker industry, figures equal to two thousand million dollars have touched. A resounding success, reminiscent of a $ 1.2 billion increase in prospects used to challenge card draws while sitting comfortably on the couch.

From Europe to Italy the step is short

If the European data are so positive for the sector, one wonders what the situation is in Italy. Well, for us, too, 2021 has been considered a year to be framed. Despite the pandemic, which kept gambling halls and gambling centers down between October 2020 and June 2021, Italians still managed to spend 107.5 billion euros. A disproportionate figure, which testifies to their absolute interest in the industry. According to data released by the daily Avvenire, this is a leap forward that was really difficult to predict. But in the end, no wonder. In the second half of last year, poker tournaments grew by a profit margin for poker rooms, which in October was 8.5 million euros. About 8 percent more than twelve months earlier, when there was already an increase of 34.5 percent. In general, it can be remembered that in the last two years, from October 2019 onwards, tournaments and cash games have rewarded the world of poker, even if the rest of the economy was weak.

A little history doesn’t hurt

Even in virtual form, the game of poker has proved exciting for Italians, as well as for players from the rest of the world. Because France, Spain and Portugal also recorded equally positive data. Anyone who wants to quickly go through the stages of this boom should look back to 2011, when the small success of online poker with 455 million in revenue was recorded. A positive signal, in fact denied in the following years, which saw the sector in embassies, the victim of a setback. The real recovery came in 2019, when 110.5 billion receipts were recorded. An encouraging leap forward, which was followed by the pandemic and the upheaval that everyone’s life has undergone. Only for online poker, it has been an extremely lucrative turnaround.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the phenomenon of online gaming

According to industry experts, online poker has a bright future ahead of it, although some claim that there will be no new successes of the same tenor, due to the fact that Italy is a closed system in this field. It means that players often move abroad, as they prefer to put themselves to the test in a larger market, which also guarantees superior liquidity. On the other hand, it should be noted that the closed market and the regulatory systems that characterize this sector in Italy are also positive because they guarantee greater security. There are several elements that make Italians play lightly on home platforms. First of all, the fact that the platforms must have an AAMS (ADM) license, which on the one hand guarantees the privacy of the user and on the other hand oversees his security, since there are a number of rules to be strictly observed.

Security guaranteed by technology

In the Italian environment, for example, there are encryption systems that prevent the transmission of sensitive information and therefore also at the computer level allow players to take less risks. Let’s talk about SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, and RNGs, Random Number Generation, security systems, and algorithms that keep hackers at bay. With government-recognized platforms, players can feel secure in transactions and games and can also take advantage of virtual forms of payment, from Bitcoin to PayPal, which are an interesting incentive, especially for those who belong to the newer, more technological generations. . Although, according to recent research, it is not just young people who are interested in the Internet. Also in Italy in the first months of 2021, 54.8 million active users were registered, who spend an average of 46 hours a month on the Internet. They are often on social media, but not only that. The game also contributes to this virtual time, while the tail light unfortunately remains the information sector.

The data is updated to 2021-2022

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