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Online poker platforms: spending down 16.3% in February but Snaitech grows

by KZ Poker

Data is declining for online poker platforms in Italy: however, the Snaitech operator is growing, gaining almost 10 percentage points in the last twelve months.

As much as 8.2 million euros were spent this year, in February, on online poker platforms. However, despite the huge numbers, the figures show a drop of 16.3% compared to 2021. A peak due to the pandemic and the closure of physical rooms? Probably yes and it is also conceivable that the return to normal in recent months has allowed players to return to play in the presence after the lockdown that brought, much closer to the fans of the online world in the absence of bingo halls, betting agencies and rooms where you can play at poker tables.

Very good, however, Pokerstars, Sisal and Snaitech which gains 10 percentage points compared to last year. Well also Bwin, ScommesseItalia, Lottomatica, E-Play24 and Bbet which continue to have more than considerable market shares. The online gaming industry, in fact, continues to grow compared to previous years and is considered a great alternative to physical gaming for all those who want to play wherever you are and at different times from those of the game rooms. Greater freedom, high-level software and an ever-increasing focus on security have done the rest, bringing even the most skeptical to the web.

Are Online Poker Platforms the Future for Players?

The best online poker site, among the online poker sites that can be found on the net, is certainly the one where the player feels most welcomed and with the greatest possible choice in the schedule. We are, in fact, always reasoning about a range of users who have different tastes and who prefer to play different variants of their favorite card game. Many online platforms have, in fact, many different poker varieties including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud. Each of them, of course, is appreciated by different players who like to deal with the different game situations they are subjected to.

In addition. if we want to consider online platforms as the possible future of fans we must also open a parenthesis on what are the live tables, ie those tables where you can play live with other players present at that time and with a croupier in the flesh to manage the cards via a webcam. This powerful interaction is the new frontier of online sites and allows, thanks to an increasingly advanced technology, to experience the same adrenaline of a casino while staying comfortably at home or wherever you are.

How can you learn to play responsibly?

Italy has very strict gambling regulations and the Government’s Regulatory Guide is designed to help you understand the right measures to use to play responsibly. This kind of attention is very important to improve the approach to the game by the fans and to make them responsible, in fact, on what is the smartest way to live a fun and never compulsive gaming and betting experience.

In this sense, in April, a bill was received by some PD deputies. In the project there is the establishment, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, of a technical table called “Unit nudge public games” which provides for collaboration between experts in psychology, sociology, compartmental economics and consumer research. At this table, over the course of six months, interventions will be identified to promote the mechanisms of self-exclusion and the fight against addiction through what is called a “gentle push”. This is, once again, an expression of what the Italian Government has done and continues to do to improve the relationship between gambler and gambling, with an education aimed at living this experience as fun and without affecting that. which is the family budget through a reckless game. In this, too, legal practitioners are very active, and this kind of collaboration with the authorities is important to find a fun, honest, safe, and playful player model to play with.

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