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Online Poker: shippano “baffo581”, “mariocrys” and “Lallà”

by KZ Poker

After Sunday’s results, Tuesday’s report opens with the second day of Bounty Builder, where they shipped “baffo581”, “mariocrys” and “Lallà”.

“Mariocrys”, “baffo581” and “Lallà” win

€ 100 BB-70 The Rollercoaster a mariocrys

The first tournament we deal with in this report on Tuesday, May 10, is part of Bounty Builder event number 70.

The victory went to “mariocrys”, first place for a prize of € 1,879 + € 2,658.

The victory came after the elimination in the final head-to-head of Mauro “Romauro96” Alessi runner up for € 1,879 + € 755.

266 players took part in the tournament, which allowed the prize pool to reach € 23,940, which was then divided into 47 prize places.

€ 100 Night On Star in Lalla

There was no deal in the other major tournament on Monday night, the Night On Stars either.

After just over seven and a half hours of actual play, “Lallà”, the first absolute for € 8,059, got his hands on the victory.

Behind him “Beppe Pinna”, second for € 5,854.

Here, too, the € 40,000 GTD prize pool was surpassed by the 533 registered players who took it to € 47,970, who shared the first 98 of the payout.

€ 20 BB-66 The Sun Run a “baffo581”

It took over 5 and a half hours to complete Event 66, the 21.00 PKO 8-Max.

The tournament was attended by 1,708 players, which allowed the prize pool not to raise more than € 35,000 GTD, then divided into 295 prize places.

Among them he got his hands on the victory “baffo581”, first place for € 2,426 + € 1,851, which was behind “Blacker-92” and “Mico2803”.


€ 50 BB-67 The Demolisher PKO in Lassastari

The highlight of the second evening of turbo week, however, made happy “Lassastari”, winner for a prize of about € 2,707 + € 2,896 total.

Behind him “HunterWolf92” and “prospect”.

The tournament was attended by 897 entries, divided into 661 physical players and 236 re-entries.

This number of subscribers generated a prize pool of € 40,365, divided at the end of the late registration into 167 increasing shares.

€ 10 BB-65 The Wild Hunt a kekko9221

The Bounty Builder night tournaments opened with event number 65, which reached a PP of € 31,050 compared to a GTD of € 30,000.

The tournament was attended by 3,450 registered players, which generated a total of 615 ITM players.

The lion’s share was made by “kekko9221”, first for € 1,817 + € 1,516.

€ 100 Need For Speed ​​at Ris0_3_P1s3lli

The closing of our long report on Tuesday is dedicated to Need For Speed, played by 73 players.

The € 7,500 GTD prize pool was divided into 13 prize places, headed by the winner, “Ris0_3_P1s3lli”, first for a prize of € 919 + € 1,163.

Podium completed by “SebastianThy” and “tanywolf”, respectively second and third. We point out the fourth place of “Kelevra0000”.

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