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Online Poker: Siena and French win the majors on Thursday

by KZ Poker

Also closed on the fifth day of Bounty Builder. Highlights of the victories of Siena and Francese.

Victories for Alessandro Siena and Raffa Francese

€ 250 Super Night On Stars at raffa_N5

The tournament, which began on Thursday evening, closed in the middle of the night just passed when it was just past 4.30am.

The victory went to Raffaele “raffa_N5” French, first place for a prize of € 5,086 + € 5,750. Double success for him in a few days.

Behind him “INFINITRF”, second for € 5,085 + € 1,729. Third place for “IMuCkTheNut”, on the lowest step of the podium for € 3,237 + € 2,189.

€ 10o BB-38 NL Hold’Em The Rollercoaster 6-Max to Alessandro Siena

Second tournament that we tell you about, but first dedicated to the fair of the Bounty Builder Turbo Series.

Let’s talk about the Rollercoaster 6-Max that started in the second evening yesterday and ended when it was just past, also in this case, at 02.40 in the morning.

Alessandro “alesiena17” Siena won the first prize of € 1,695 + € 3,012, first overall on a field with 240 entries (192 unique + 48 Re-Entries).

The well-known regular cashier won the first prize when the last river knocked out the runner-up, “tanywolf”, who put a € 1,695 + € 1,119 coin in his pocket.

Third place for “fratm1971zione”, on the lowest step of the podium for € 1,023 + € 262.

€ 50 BB-35 The Demolisher a monsterpro90

Guaranteed prize pool surpassed even at the brand new Demolisher at 9.30 pm, for a buy in of € 50.

A total of 135 prize players, out of 775 entrants, shared a prize pool of € 40,000 GTD, the largest slices of which went to the top three, namely “monsterpro90”, “ilkaiser90” and “corvo382”.

The three protagonists who climbed the podium put € 3,128 + € 3,058, € 3,128 + € 442 and € 1,875 + € 867 in their pockets respectively.

€ 10 BB-33 Wild Hunt in Ciccioumbe

One of the first Bounty Builder tournaments on PokerStars on Thursday night was “Ciccioumbe”, the first “No Deal”, ahead of “Th3_3qualiz3r”.

Among the participants in the final table, “alepokerpro1” and “mesoro”.

€ 100 Need For Speed ​​a “k1ngartur”

The Need for Speed ​​is the last tournament we’ll talk about this morning.

Proposed with a buy-in of € 100 for a € 5,000 GTD prize pool, the 68 registered players generated one of € 6,120.

The victory went to “k1ngartur”, who settled on the lowest steps of the podium “CrazyRich85” and “Antonio18181”. Fourth “xJaNdRo27x”.

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