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Patrick Leonard lingers explaining a spot and goes sitout with the aces!

by KZ Poker

Explaining and teaching poker is a noble and rewarding vocation, considering the earnings of high-level coaches. However, sometimes accidents can end up costing a lot, directly or indirectly due to missing potential gains. Exactly what happened yesterday to Patrick Leonard, one of the strongest players but also one of the most esteemed coaches and scholars of MTT online.

Patrick Leonard, the explanation is lethal: timeout and aces folded in bubble final table

The popular “pads1161” was in a $ 525 buy-in KO tournament on GG’s international platform. The situation is short-handed with two 5-player tables. While we are at the level of 35,000 / 70,000 before 10,000, the German Tobias Schwecht opens from 2g utg with a total stack of about 2.7 million (38 bb), the Norwegian “IslandBoys” 3-betta to 6bb from cutoff being able to count on other 3 , 6 million behind (52bb), after the fold of the other 2 players the ball passes to Patrick Leonard, who sits on the big blind with a total stack of 3.1 million (44.7 bb).

Pat has aa and is ready to push, but first he decides to explain the reasons: “If I don’t see any reason why QQ, JJ or TT can ever fold, I don’t have one…” Here, we’ll never know what Leonard had to say because he doesn’t realize he’s going to time out and his hand folds automatically, to his predictable despair:

10 left out of 1000+ and worth 30k + folding here. They had QQ and TT pic.twitter.com/2U8WYlmxFA

– Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) May 11, 2022

“It cost me 30-40 thousand dollars in eV !!!”

Patrick Leonard then publishes another short video in which he explains the great damage that that inattention caused. Reviewing the replay, in fact, it turns out that the original raiser had QQ, while the deepest player had TT. “Oh, they had QQ and TT, I would have gone all the way up to 9 million, it’s absolutely amazing. Its size (of the original raiser, ed.) Was 4 thousand dollars, going on a timeout here cost me something like 30-40 thousand dollars in eV. ”

The consideration for lost money is an approximation of Pat, but it is certainly not far from reality. In addition to the size won, we would have gone to the final table with 9 players, with the dynamics changing completely. Also and above all by virtue of a very different stack to manage: Patrick Leonard would have had about 120bb available.

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