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Poker professional Landon Tice joins Ignition Casino

by KZ Poker

Ignition Casino has announced professional poker player Landon Tice as the latest streamer and content creator to join its casino team.

Tice is, according to Ignition, a rising star in the poker industry. Join the Ignition team to stream live online poker events and support the company’s video content marketing efforts.

The poker player is also expected to represent Ignition at several online events in North America, including several poker festivals this summer.

The 23-year-old Tice has allegedly built a poker image with impressive results from a variety of cash games and online tournaments. He is also an instructor for Solve for Why Academy, a poker training company.

Ignition Casino will use Tice to promote online games with low and high bets, including multi-table prize tournaments and fast prize games.

It is unclear what Tice’s role will be in Ignition’s special events, which include The Monthly Milly, a one-million-dollar, $ 1 million guaranteed event.

Other big money tournament series at Ignition include the Black Diamond Poker Open, the Golden Spade Poker Open and the Super Millions Poker Open.

In his appointment, Tice said: “I am delighted to be working with Ignition Casino to raise awareness of its already extensive online poker offering and to help increase brand visibility in the United States.

“I’ve been playing Ignition Casino since the beginning of my online poker career. The company does a great job of keeping the player experience at the forefront while providing a secure and reliable platform for online players to pursue their poker dream. ”

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