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PokerStars Cultural Ambassador Neymar Jr. is watching SCOOP’s success

by KZ Poker

It was another big plus PokerStars when they re-signed their association with the world superstar Neymar Jr. earlier this year as cultural ambassador.

For those who don’t know, Neymar Jr. is a big fan of poker and was recently seen at 2022 PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo. He Paris Saint Germain i Selection of Brazil the striker also enjoys playing online poker and is excited to get on top of this year’s Online Poker Spring Championship (SCOOP) who is currently playing Spadie brand virtual felt.

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Famous football superstar for the SCOOP title

Neymar Jr.’s exploits on the football field have helped him win more than 20 trophies, including an Olympic gold medal, in the sport. However, an award that eludes the Brazilian is a poker victory. Neymar Jr. has done deep races at past SCOOP events and was asked about his chances of covering the distance this time.

“Yeah, I’ll win,” he laughed. “Every time you train, play and improve your game, you get closer and closer. So I think this year could be a winning year and at least I can do well.”

The 30-year-old also often plays with other Brazilian PokerStars ambassadors Andre Akkari i Rafael Moraeswith the latter being a former mentor of Neymar Jr. Although it seems that the student has become the teacher, at least according to the man himself.

Rafael Moares (left) and Andre Akkari (right)

“Lately, I’m ahead of both of you,” he smiled. “The last time we played, I beat them. We played a lot when we went to Brazil and they were two guys who became friends with me through poker.”

Nor was it lost to the footballer how beneficial it could be to have two poker titans in his corner.

“In every conversation we have, I learn from them. So I’m very proud to have two giant poker players who are my friends and have free classes, right?”

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Brazil illuminates EPT Monte Carlo

Lucas Scafini (left) and Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu (right)

A Brazilian who won his first major poker title recently was Marcelo Simoes Mesqueuwho reigned supreme in the EPT Monte Carlo € 5,300 Main Event. Mesqueu surpassed 1,073 entries to win the first place prize of € 939,840, as well as the first EPT Main Event title for Brazil. It surpassed that of Denmark Morten Hvam in the face game and was also inspired by Neymar Jr to propel him to victory.

Compatriot Lucas Scafini He also scored a great goal on the French Riviera, winning € 250,000 after defeating the French Riviera EPT Monte Carlo FPS main event a few days before Mesqueu’s heroism.

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