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PokerStars USA Network launches cash game leaderboards

by KZ Poker

Online poker giant PokerStars will introduce daily cash game leaderboards into its regulated market in the United States in an attempt to increase traffic by rewarding additional prizes.

Starting May 23 and for nearly a month, the operator will host the qualifying competition in the three states of the United States: New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan. However, the promotion will only be available to selected players.

To check if a player has been selected for the promotion, they must log in to their respective PokerStars USA customer and click on the “Challenges” window to check their eligibility.

Instead of players having to commit for an entire week or month to win prizes, all leaderboards will last only one day.

PokerStars USA Daily Cash Game Ranking Overview:

The promotion will run from May 23 to June 20, 2022. Available only to selected players from the three states of the United States: NJ, PA, and MI. A total of $ 162,400 in prizes has been awarded to the three states. The leaderboards are available in six different. No-Limit Hold’em cash only bets Points are awarded based on hole card values. Rewards are awarded daily

In all three states, $ 5,600 will be offered in daily prizes, with PA and MI giving away more than $ 2,000 a day, while NJ players can win a share of nearly $ 1,300 in prizes. The promotion will run for 29 days, which means a total of $ 162,400 has been allocated in prizes.

Breakdown of PokerStars USA Daily Cash Game Leaderboard Promotion Breakdown

Daily state participation Total cash prize Paid places Pennsylvania $ 2,230.50 $ 64,684.50 $ 83 Michigan $ 2,080.50 $ 60,334.50 $ 82 New Jersey $ 1,289 $ 37,381 $ 46 total $ 5,600 $ 162,400 211

Last verified: May 2022

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How will the promotion of the daily cash table ranking work?

As is standard in most qualifying races, players will need to register to be eligible for promotion. A total of six bets will be eligible for classification, which will allow players the chance to win prizes at all levels. The minimum eligible bet for the promotion will be $ 0.05 / $ 0.10 and the $ 2 / $ 5 will be at the top end. Only No Limit Hold’em cash games will be eligible.

Scores are recorded after 100 hands have been played and only the first 100 hands after being selected will be counted for the promotion of the daily classification.

The ranking scoring system is designed so that any player, whether a regular player or a recreational player, has the same chances of leading the competition. The points are based on the values ​​of the cards dealt with the players: Jack has 11 points, Queen has 12, King has 13 and Ace has 14 points.

Also, if a player receives the right connectors, the points are multiplied by 2, while all pocket pairs from two to ten will award a 4x multiplier, while the highest pocket pairs will earn a fixed amount of points up to a 125.

At the end of the day, the players with the most points will win a portion of the prizes assigned to their respective states. Players can choose from six qualifying levels to win up to six prizes each day.

To check the current position of the players in the leaderboard, they can do so by logging in to the client and clicking on the “Leaderboards” tab. Players can keep track of the number of hands played after participating at any time in the table.

The number of places paid and prizes will depend on their respective status. Those who pass the 10NL level in Pennsylvania and Michigan will earn $ 50 and the same will get $ 30 in New Jersey.

While ranking promotions are nothing new, it is believed to be the first time in a long time that PokerStars USA has offered cash game ranking promotions. The carrier occasionally offers rating promotions similar to its other markets, including the dot-com market, but often the US market is left out.

Not this time around, as PokerStars wants to boost cash game traffic for its trio of US venues even though it already dominates the Pennsylvania and Michigan markets. In New Jersey, the operator is lagging behind its WSOP competitors, followed by BetMGM / partypoker US Network.

However, none of these venues offer cash game qualifying competitions, but they do in other types of games, such as sit and go’s and BLAST: the WSOP / 888 lottery-style sit and go product. .

The Daily Cash Game Leaderboard promotion at PokerStars USA runs from May 23rd to June 20th, just after the end of the Bounty Builder series.

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