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splendid Picchio poker, at the playoffs with Benevento • Prima Pagina Online

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Ascoli-Ternana 4-1: the match ends with a beautiful victory for the Bianconeri, at the end of a match with many emotions. Tsadjout’s three goals and a Defendi own goal decide. Two sleepers hit by the Woodpecker, both with Baschirotto.

Ascoli, by virtue of the beautiful victory, rises to 65 points in the standings and closes the “regular season” in 6th place, in the playoff zone. Next appointment for the Picena team, the play-offs for promotion to Serie A: Friday 13 May, against Benevento at 20.30, at the “Del Duca” stadium.

In the thirty-eighth and last day of the Serie B Championship, season 2021/22, it is played at the “Del Duca” stadium in Ascoli Piceno. Ascoli, in the first 37 days, scored 62 points and came from a draw (against Cittadella) and a victory (against Cremonese). The Umbrians, who are tenth in the standings with 54 points, come from a victory against Perugia.

Ascoli-Ternana, the camps

In Ascoli, coach Andrea Sottil puts a 4-3-1-2 module on the field: Loyal between the posts; Baschirotto, Bellusci, Quaranta, D’Orazio in the rear; in the center of the camp act Collocolo, Buchel, Saric; quarterback Maistro; attacking pair formed by Dionysus, Tsadjout.

In the Citadel, coach Cristiano Lucarelli lined up a 3-5-2: Iannarilli in goal; Boben, Capuano, Celli in defense; Defenders, Agazzi, Proietti, Palumbo, Martella in midfield; Pettinari, Donnarumma in attack.

The match begins. Ascoli in a black suit, with golden numbers and red socks. Ternana in yellow suit; rossoverdi with mourning in his arms, for the disappearance of the father of the vice-president Tagliavento, Mr. Ferruccio.

Seasonal record of attendance at the “Del Duca” stadium, with the audience of great occasions: over 7,600 spectators. In North Corner, there is also a delegation from the English club Woodbridge Town (twinned with Ascoli), with the banner “Up the Peckers”. In the stands sit the patron Massimo Pulcinelli, the president Carlo Neri and all the top leaders of Juventus.

At minute 5, there is a low ground from 20 meters of the bianconero D’Orazio, which ends a short distance from the post.

In the 6th minute, Ascoli’s advantage came with Frank Tsadjout. The colored striker collects a precise assist from Dionisi from the left, then strikes the goalkeeper Iannarilli with a right of first intention. Third center in the league for him.

In the 10th minute, a thrill for Ascoli: crossing the Ternana, after a save by Leali on a close shot by Palumbo.

Minute 13: sensational cross hit by the head of the bianconero defender Baschirotto, after a free kick beaten by Buchel.

In the 19th minute, the double of the Woodpecker came, also with Tsadjout: the center forward received the ball in the area from Collocolo, controlled the ball and pierced Iannarilli with a surgical left-footed shot. Fourth goal in the league for him (third with Ascoli).

Referee Maggioni, on the 37th minute, was about to assign a penalty to Ascoli, for a foul in the area of ​​Capuano on Collocolo. However, recalled by the VAR, he changed his mind after reviewing the replay of the images.

Minute 42: Maistro’s free kick, Baschirotto’s header and the second crossbar hit by the Piceno defender.

After 45 minutes, following yet another great corner, Baschirotto knocked the ball to the limit of Baschirotto’s reach, who just couldn’t put it in the net.

After a minute of recovery, the first half ended with Ascoli deservedly leading 2-0.

-The recovery opens with a change for the Umbrians: Partipilo replaces Martella.

After just one minute, Ternana shortened the distances with the newcomer Partipilo who, on a cross from the left of Celli, beat Leali with a header.

At minute 60 there is the trio of Ascoli with the “usual” Tsadjout, who takes advantage of a passage from the bottom of Collocolo, then deflected by Dionysus, and mocks Iannarilli. Fifth goal in the league, for the striker born in Perugia.

In the 63rd minute, Ascoli’s poker was served with an own goal by Defendi, after a personal action by Tsadjout.

In the 70th minute, there was a series of substitutions: Paganini, Caligara and Iliev entered Ascoli, D’Orazio, Tsadjout and Maistro came out; Paghera and Ghiringhelli for Palumbo and Defendi enter Ternana.

After 73 minutes, a couple of quick and successful challenges followed by a shot from just outside the penalty area by Donnarumma might have resulted in another goal for The.

Ascoli keeps the match under control, defending the result in order.

In the 82nd minute, the last changes for the Bianconeri arrive: debut for the Italian-American Fontana for Saric. Eramo also enters for Buchel.

In the 89th minute, Paganini serves Iliev, who from a favorable position kicks to the side.

After 3 minutes of recovery, the game ends with the result of 4-1 for Ascoli.

Great party on the stands, for Ascoli fans. With the victory, Ascoli rises to sixth place and will play the playoffs against Benevento at home, on Friday 13 May at 20.30. In the field, we saw a dynamic and bright Ascoli. The whole team played a good game, dominating the match. The young striker Tsadjout offered a goal-scoring test, scoring a hat-trick. The Bianconeri coach Andrea Sottil proved to be a leader, leading the Bianconeri team to the achievement of the playoff goal.

The future of Ascoli is all to be written, caressing the dream of returning to Massima Serie. It will not be easy to face the playoffs, as the opponents are fierce; but the Woodpecker appears to be one of the fittest teams, by virtue of the five consecutive useful results obtained.

The scoreboard

ASCOLI (4-3-1-2): Loyal; Baschirotto, Bellusci, Quaranta, D’Orazio (71 ′ Paganini); Collocolo, Buchel (82 ′ Eramo), Saric (82 ′ Fontana); Master (71 ′ Caligara); Dionisi, Tsadjout (71 ′ Iliev). Available: Guarna, Botteghin, Falasco, Tavcar, Franzolini, Ricci, Bidaoui. Coach: Thin

TERNANA (3-5-2) Iannarilli; Boben, Capuano, Celli; Defend (71 ′ Ghiringhelli), Agazzi (81 ′ Capanni), Proietti, Palumbo (71 ′ Paghera), Martella (46 ′ Partipilo); Pettinari (81 ′ Capone), Donnarumma. Available: Krapikas, Vitali, Ndir, Mazza, Mazzocchi, Peralta, Rovaglia. Coach: Lucarelli

Referee: Maggioni (Lecco).

-Network: 6 ′ Tsadjout (ASC), 19 ′ Tsadjout (ASC), 46 ′ Partipilo (TER), 60 ′ Tsadjout (ASC), 63 ′ aut. Defend (ASC).

-Note. Ammonites: D’Orazio (ASC); Comb (TER).

-Recovery: 1 ′ PT, 3 ′ ST.

-Spectators: 7,651 (91,680 euros of collection).

Photo taken from the site “calciodangolo.com”

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