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Starting next weekend, the XL Spring Series on 888 Poker kicks off

by KZ Poker

Each spring, on 888 Poker, corresponds to the fixed appointment with the XL Spring Series: a series of poker tournaments, for a total of € 500,000 in guaranteed prize pool, which will characterize this time of year.

Between 22/05/22 and 05/06/22 there will be a series of poker tournaments for all budgets, which will end with a € 100,000 Main Event guaranteed.

The XL Spring Series on 888 Poker

From May 15 to June 5, the 888 online poker platform will host the classic spring prize pool guaranteed. In fact, 63 events are planned, called “XL Spring Series”: tournaments of all kinds and for all budgets.

The tournament schedule is already on the 888 Poker lobby. It starts on May 22 at 8 pm with the “XL Spring # 01 – € 10,000 Early Opening” from € 109 buy-in until the “XL Spring # 63– € 15,000 Sunday High Roller” on June 6, tournament from € 250 registration.

In the middle, an endless series of tournaments, both expensive and cheap, to meet the bankroll needs of all 888 players.

With the lowest buy-in for a € 11 tournament (for event # 05, Turbo Opening), € 22 or € 33 buy-ins are very common (as in event # 02, # 07, # 09). There are, of course, the most demanding € 109 and € 250 buy-ins, which obviously generate much higher guaranteed prize pools than the cheaper entry tournaments.

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The XL Spring Series Main Event is the XL Spring # 61 – € 100,000 Main Event, with a € 125 buy-in.

How to play the XL Spring Series on 888 Poker for free?

The 888 Poker lobby has already launched a number of satellite tournaments that award prizes for XL Spring Series tournaments. To date, the minimum number to try on a satellite is only 1 cent: but pay attention to the schedule, since the closer you get to the event, the more tournaments will be issued to provide tickets to the XL Spring Series tournaments.

Not only that; There are freerolls that offer free participation in the XL Spring Series Main Event, so keep an eye out for the 888 Poker lobby!

The complete calendar of the XL Spring Series 2022 on 888 Poker

Finally, here is the full schedule, straight from the 888 Poker gaming lobby:

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