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Substitute is named to face Phil Hellmuth in the next round of the High Stakes duel

by KZ Poker

There has been a change in the programming of the High Stakes Duel series created by PokerGO. For the first time, the streaming event should have increased the stakes for each player who posted $ 400,000 for the battle. Tom Dwan was originally scheduled to face “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth in the rubber match of his tete to tete, but there has been a situation that will require someone new to enter the bedroom.

Scott Seiver takes over from Dwan

The clash between Dwan and Hellmuth was supposed to take place on May 12, but poor scheduling by one player caused some problems. Apparently, Dwan, who has a sponsorship deal with Triton Poker, was to participate in the Triton High Roller Series in Madrid, Spain, and did not remember it when he set the date for High Stakes Duel. So he put PokerGO on a point: wait for Dwan or find another competitor.

PokerGO looked for another competitor, much to Dwan’s chagrin.

The new competitor will be Scott Seiver, who also has a great history of success in poker tournaments. Seiver has been a member of the tournament’s poker community since its first cash game on the Legends of Poker World Poker Tour in 2006, accumulating three World Series of Poker bracelets along with a 2011 WPT Five Star World Poker Classic title. ). During his career, Seiver has been able to amass more than $ 24 million in profits, but has recently become better known for his skills in the cash game.

How did we get to this point …

Hellmuth, despite his recent travels, has been proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the heads-up format. He won seven games in a row, defeating Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu and fan Nick Wright at the PokerGO special event broadcast on the channel. When Wright withdrew from moving bets up to $ 100,000 for a second-round event, it seemed like no one was available to continue that particular series.

Enter Tom Dwan …

Dwan stepped in to take charge of Wright, grabbed the $ 100,000 tab, and gave Hellmuth an unexpected challenge. In that encounter, Dwan would put an end to Hellmuth’s career in High Stakes Duel in seven events, but Hellmuth did not back down either. Almost immediately he challenged Dwan to another match, this time with the two men contributing $ 200,000, and Hellmuth won it even in January.

As he faces Seiver, Hellmuth may be facing his toughest challenge. Betting will not bother Seiver, who regularly plays cash games with the most bets in Las Vegas. It can also be argued that Seiver’s game is more suited to the match format; Hellmuth’s previous opponents, apart from Dwan, did not stand out for their top-facing poker skills. It will be a strong test of Hellmuth’s coping skills against Seiver’s skills.

The match is rescheduled for Tuesday at PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas at 5pm (Pacific Daylight Saving Time). If PokerGO is true to its format, they will have a teaser on their YouTube channel from the first hour (approximately) of the battle between Seiver and Hellmuth before moving exclusively online. For those who haven’t made it, you can subscribe to PokerGO (which will also have twenty-one WSOP events this year) and enjoy the action between Seiver and Hellmuth.

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