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The 888poker Knockout Games are nearing their final weekend

by KZ Poker

After a two-year hiatus, 888poker has returned to its Knockout series of games, an online poker festival entirely dedicated to playoff tournament formats, including the increasingly popular playoffs.

The operator should be quite pleased with the turnout and results so far, as the series got off to a great start with a series of events already in the books.

The series began with a $ 109 PKO opening tournament, which secured $ 125,000 in payments. The event brought together 955 unique players who made a total of 267 rewards among themselves, which meant that the tournament broke the guaranteed prize with a bit of rake that went back to the players.

Two other smaller events were launched on the same day, with purchases of $ 16.50 and $ 44, both comfortably exceeding their guarantees and attracting large crowds of PKO format lovers.

The series entered its second day with several 8-person PKO tournaments that attracted hundreds of players, and event no. The $ 11 purchase was the largest of the day, with 777 unique tickets.

Day 3 was dedicated to the Super Knockout format, with three most played events with great success. The tournaments gathered more than expected and broke all guarantees.

Six additional PKO tournaments were held over the next few days, with purchases ranging from $ 16.50 to $ 109, and tens of thousands of dollars were paid in prizes and rewards.

The event that highlighted the series so far was event no. 22, the $ 150,000 PKO Tune-Up, which featured a $ 160 purchase, a huge prize pool, and something extra on top. While the final winner won over $ 10,000 in prizes plus the same amount in prize money, it was a completely different type of victory that marked this tournament.

The lucky player who managed to eliminate 888poker ambassador Chris Eubank Jr., who eventually finished in 97th place, received a $ 13,000 WSOP package, which allowed them to play in this year’s Main Event in Las Vegas and pay his travels and lodging with a penny of 888.

On Monday, May 2, it was dedicated to the PLO’s qualifying tournaments, which saw a lower number of entries. The three knockouts of the PLO did not get the guaranteed prizes, being, so far, the least successful tournaments in the Series.

At the time of writing, 30 events have been completed and this has resulted in nearly $ 800,000 in prizes.

What’s left on the agenda?

In total, the Knockout Games Series will feature 41 events, 30 of which are already behind us, but some of the big ones are still scheduled.

On the days leading up to Sunday, 888poker will offer three separate playoff tournaments each day, with purchases of between $ 16.50 and $ 215 for these games, and guaranteed prizes, all between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000.

Finally, on Sunday there will be a major event, with two of the most important events in the Series scheduled for the last day of the festival.

Event # 43: PKO of the $ 300,000 main event will be by far the most attractive event in the series, with a $ 215 purchase that can also be won each day before the tournament through a variety of freerolls and buy -in. Satellite Tournaments

For those who don’t have the right funds to play this $ 215 event, the final tournament of the Series offers a cheaper version of the main event, with a $ 55 ticket and a guaranteed $ 50,000 prize pool.

It is safe to say that there is a lot of hot action waiting for us in the coming days at 888poker, with both versions of the Main Event guaranteed not to disappoint in terms of participation and possible payouts.

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