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The best casino games you can play on your PS5

by KZ Poker

Gambling is a generally fun activity, and it’s not uncommon for game developers to find a way to introduce it to video games. And what other console could receive it better than the PlayStation 5? The PS5 is one of the best gaming consoles of its generation and you can play a variety of game genres.

Casino games are not exempt from the large category of games you can play on this great console. And because of the realism of the game engine, it feels so real. Playing poker online at your PS5 games looks like your usual online casino in Croatia. Several players who play deliberately search for these games so that they can do two things that they enjoy at the same time.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone, playing on your console and also a casino game. Who wouldn’t love it? We want to save you time looking for PS5 casino games. We will provide you with the best casino games for your PlayStation 5 console, keep reading and enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto Online

The GTA franchise is one of the most popular in the gaming universe. However, even non-players have a rough understanding of what the game entails. GTA V was a huge success that introduced another dimension to the reality of the open world.

Most people don’t know that GTA Online allows you to play your favorite casino games. You could locate a casino on the game map, log in, and start playing any game. And because it’s online, you can connect with other players to enjoy what you love.

GTA Online works with player avatars; you can create a unique avatar for recognition among your friends. And at the gambling casino, you can play and win the game currency. If you run out of money, you can buy more with real money.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Sources of Red Dead Redemption 2 from the same Rockstar Games that developed GTA. Unlike many other open world games, RDR2 took place in the 19th century. So if you are looking for a wild west casino game, this should be your choice.

You can take control of your cowboy character and go to a casino to have fun at the old school. You can play games like poker, blackjack, dominoes, five-finger fillet, arm wrestling, and more. Like the GTA franchise, you can also choose to play online with friends or strangers at random.

Prominence Poker

The name of this game shows it as a pure online casino game, and if you thought about it, you’re right. Prominence Poker allows you to enjoy the premium poker game on your PlayStation 5 console. However, its realism is different, as you need a real strategy to emerge victorious in each game. They also did well to add a touch of social interaction between plays, so it has everything you need.

You can take turns with the single player CPU or do it all in multiplayer mode. The choice is yours and the goal is to get to the top.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

The Four Kings franchise isn’t new to gaming, and if you want to enjoy a full-blown casino simulation on your PlayStation 5, you should give it a try. You can play almost any casino game, such as poker, roulette, slots and many more, including bingo.

What makes this game stand out is the attention to detail. The simulation is so realistic that it has this real casino structure. In addition, the game also offers the social part of the games. Being a massively multiplayer (MMO) online game, you can do a lot of interaction within the game. So what are you waiting for? Create your avatar and browse online casino games.

Pure Hold’em

You don’t have to think about it too much before you know that this game is exclusively for hold’em poker. Because the game focuses on one main type of poker, the developers had the luxury of designing it with realism. As a result, you probably won’t find a better Hold’em simulation anywhere else.

The structure of the game is not too ambiguous and it will be easy for you to find out. You could start with a player mode as a beginner, where you do a light job and get an easy win. However, as you move toward the top, you will begin to face the real test of masters who will push your limits. It also has an amazing multiplayer mode where you can compete with your fellow poker players.

High Roller Casino

High Roller Casino gives you a taste of what Las Vegas players enjoy. The images call for Las Vegas and the gameplay doesn’t disappoint. It centers around the pinball table where you play the casino-style game. Next door is a functional roulette wheel and a slot machine, such as Vegas Style. So if you want a smooth dose of casino games, you should definitely take a look at High Roller Casino.

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