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The controversy does not quench the thirst of High Stakes. Malinowski re del we

by KZ Poker

There was a lot of anticipation and a pinch of apprehension about what would happen the day after the scandal that put players like Ali Imsirovic and Bryn Kenney in the eye of the storm.

In a piece written by Jon Pill for Poker.org, it turns out that there was a small setback on the tables with the highest Buy In, especially during the most heated moment of the controversies we just mentioned in the previous paragraph. .

But as the days go by, this bleeding seems to cease.

Unprejudiced action at the tables

The flow of games coming from the High Stakes tables is influenced by a thousand dynamics and for this reason a small drop in action by the strongest players on the planet, is physiological from time to time and should not necessarily be associated with what happened in recent weeks.

It certainly did not concern people like Linus Loeliger and Wiktor Malinowski, who returned to give it a good reason on the weekend just ended.

In particular, Malinowski was noticed in at least three different sessions. The $ 400 / $ 800 Omaha matches also saw Loeliger participate in at least one of the three.

In addition to an observer, he emphasized the positioning of the two at the table, as Linus played to Malinowski’s left.

But that’s not all, at one point Isaac Haxton came in, he to Loeliger’s left.

Malinowski takes everything

At the end of these sessions, it was Malinowski who climbed to the top step of the podium.

Here is a significant hand that saw him take flight at the beginning of one of these sessions.

You play 6-Max with a level that reads 200/400/800. On the small blind Schreiner plays with $ 45,000, Malinowski has $ 55,400 in front and acts as BB, but the fixed straddle of the game is $ 800 and it is Linus who puts it in this hand.

Behind him is Isaac Haxton ($ 34,200) who puts in 800 to take part in the coup. Malinowski opens his hand at $ 3,400 after the folds of the speaker before him, giving rise to Loeliger’s fold to his left and Isaac’s call.

On a 10 jq rainbow flop, Malinowski charges $ 4,500 and maintains the inertia of his hand. Haxton shuts up.

Turn, Pot $ 18,000 2. Malinowski did not give up and shot second, shooting $ 12,600. That’s about half of Haxton’s stack, which he calls with 13,900 behind him.

The river is a ke Malinovski shoots all in, endangering the entire stack of his snap-folding rival, leaving Malinowski free.

More updates on the weekend session in the coming hours.

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