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The Seven Best Poker Books for Online Casino Players

by KZ Poker

Poker is a game of math and psychology, in short, a game of the mind. That’s why a poker player online casino it needs to strengthen itself and keep up with the latest developments. After all, some discoveries in the field of psychology can be useful while playing on https://nomini.com/it/. These players need to read the best poker books. They will help improve your game, and it will be easier to beat more experienced opponents.

The mental game of poker

Books seem to be a rather outdated form of information, but Jared Tendler, with his book The Mental Game of Poker, will disagree with you. He did an excellent job of describing the stress of the players before a game and how to deal with it. This psychologist has helped millions of players online casino who love poker to deal with internal problems and moods unfit for the game.


Doyle Barson, with his book Supersystem, will also help you improve your skills. Although quite old, it will help both beginners and experienced players to master this complex game on:

From the book, you can learn a lot about poker. The bestseller will also refresh the memory of professional and avid gamers.

Poker Math Made Easy

Poker Math Made Easy is another book that not only helps you learn the basics of the game of poker, but also develops skills in counting out in the deck. Its author is Roy Rounder. He was able to convey the intricate aspects of the game perfectly, and anyone who has read this book can say with confidence that he has become a stronger player.

The Grinder’s Manual: A Complete No Limit Holdem 6-Max Online Cash Game Course

Peter Grark’s The Grinder’s Manual takes you through the basics of No-Limit Hold’em. Thanks to the fact that the author has managed to insert a lot of strategies while covering all parts of the game, this book will be useful for both novices of the game. online casino than for serious players. If you love formulas and theory, this is the book for you!

Little Green Book

Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book is a great choice for beginners. This book will introduce you to many terms and teach you the basics of this complex game. It is not the author’s first book, nor will it be the last, but the author owes his popular success. It has been called the “guide” of poker because it is unique in its kind thanks to the author’s characteristic manner.

The book was published in 2005. Most of the information is about No-Limit Texas Hold’em. This book contains fifteen chapters, plus appendices. Each section is linked to the others, and there is consistency in the presentation. So it’s worth reading it from start to finish, without skipping the chapters.

Easy Game

Andrew Seidman’s Easy Game is a two-volume guide to the significant game of no-limit Hold’em. In the first, Andrew Seidman reveals the secrets to making $ 100 an hour online or at the real table. The second reveals the deeper patterns of the game, which cannot be fully understood without taking and understanding the first step. The key idea of ​​the author is that poker is not luck, but a long and scrupulous job on yourself.

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

Mike Caro’s Caro’s Book Of Poker Tells belongs to the category of the psychological component of the game, where unconscious gestures and attempts to hide one’s mood will reveal it to an experienced player. As a recognized poker genius and a highly paid casino and top poker consultant, Mike Caro insists that learning to “read” your table partners is worth many other skills. Prior to this publication, the industry was based on gossip and gossip, and only the author could bring clarity and a system to the issue.

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