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The text messages add to the allegations of deception against Bryn Kenney

by KZ Poker

Following recent allegations of cheating on all-time poker money list leader Bryn Kenney, original accuser Martin Zamani posted screenshots of conversations with the poker professional this week.

Telegram’s conversations, if original, seem to call into question Kenney’s recent denials on Twitter and in media accounts. Zamani, who has not been part of Kenney’s stable for two years, has hinted that he has messages confirming many of his allegations. In conversations this week, the posts seem to contradict some of Kenney’s recent denials.

The messages are supposed to be with another player from Kenney’s group. They allude to ghosts and multi-accounts, some of Zamani’s original allegations against Kenney.

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The messages seem to show knowledge of deception

The posts came after Kenney conducted a one-hour interview with PokerNews last week. He denied all charges against him of fraud, ghosts and multiple accounting.

“I never said,‘ Do what’s best for the team, ’” he said in the interview. “Everyone plays for themselves and their victories and defeats will affect them. There’s definitely no layer that is expected or supposed to do anything but play the best game and then it’s up to that person to do what that means to them.

He has also denied the charges against him on his Twitter account.

“Dear all my friends and fans, accusations have been made against me, the most important thing for me is to be involved in any kind of deception,” he said on April 24. “There’s no proof of that and everyone who knows it. I know that’s not true.”

However, the release of the Telegram messages seems to show Kenney talking about the ghost and the multi-count. If they are legitimate, the conversations may show that Kenney knew of the techniques he was accused of and that he had a direct involvement in the scheme.

These are the receipts that refute something @BrynKenney said in @PokerNews’ interview with @AuntyChardonnay, who was the only person he was willing to interview. BK saying “help” Klout at 500 Bi a gg. BK knew CSM was a ghost. BK installed ghost stars under the fish. pic.twitter.com/wacG0szOfw

– Martin Zamani (@martin_zamani) May 3, 2022

PokerNews also reviewed two years of text messages related to Kenney and some of his stable. The site reported further evidence confirming multiple accounting and ghosts.

Ghosting involves one player helping another while playing online poker. This violates the terms of service of most sites.

Fallout continues with cheating scandals

New events come to light after the traps have aroused considerable interest from the players. Alex Foxen first filed fraud allegations against Ali Imsirovic on April 17.

He accused the poker professional of looking at another player’s cards at the U.S. Poker Open, of counting multiples, of throwing chips at the players he supported, and of using RTA. The acronym is real-time support, software banned by most online poker sites.

Zamani’s allegations arose against Kenney only a few days later. Some professionals have grabbed the mantle to go out and punish the players involved in cheating.

Poker player and coach Matt Berkey addressed the text messages involving Kenney on his Solve for Why podcast this week. He believes the full range of messages showed that Kenney was involved in a deception operation to some extent. Berkey believes Kenney has not been honest about his actions.

“Much of what Bryn said during the PokerNews interview with Sarah (Herring) is fundamentally false,” Berkey said. “There seems to be a lot more credibility to Martin’s accusation than Bryn’s denial of those allegations. There are a lot of holes being made in his denials.”

Looking for solutions

Recent allegations have led many in poker to consider possible remedies to punish cheaters. This has ranged from bans on poker sites to an industry-wide blacklist to the blocking of alleged cheaters in live tournaments.

For his part, Aria’s director of poker operations, Sean McCormack, recently contacted the players. He noted that efforts are being made within the sector to at least find some solutions.

Poker Community: My Commitment to You:

I will do everything in my power to eradicate all cheats from poker. I can tell you that there are a lot of discussions in the background (ethics committee, blacklist, etc.)

You deserve something better!
Thread of challenges / opportunities⬇️

– Sean McCormack (@ThePokerBoss) April 24, 2022

However, he also noted some of the challenges facing casinos in tackling the problem.

“From the point of view of a live operator, please note that we cannot limit ourselves to banning players from being accused of wrongdoing online or on a different property without definitive evidence (and sometimes conviction). ) of a crime, “he said. “It’s a slippery slope where we could stop for defamation.”

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