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Top 5 PokerStars PA Online Poker Tournament Series

by KZ Poker

One of the best ways for an online poker room to stand out and attract players to your site is to launch big series of tournaments with great prizes, prestigious titles and rights to show off. When it comes to online poker tournaments, few can compete with PokerStars. The brand is known around the world for its impressive online and live tournaments, so it’s no surprise that PokerStars PA maintains that reputation, performing several exciting series throughout the year.

In fact, Pennsylvania’s online poker players enjoy some of the best regional tournament series in the country, and PokerStars PA leads the group, making several great series that players look forward to throughout the year, including the PA editions of Internationally renowned championships. Online poker brand (COOP), with the PASCOOP and PACOOP series every spring and fall, respectively.

In November 2019, PokerStars PA was the first operator to start distributing real money online poker in Pennsylvania. The operator enjoyed a de facto monopoly until a second room was finally launched in Keystone State in 2021. Being the only online poker operator in the state for over a year gave at PokerStars a great opportunity to create a group of players and get attention, and their Undoubtedly, the fans of the big tournaments helped build their fans.

This is what all PA online poker players need to know about PACOOP, PASCOOP and other PokerStars PA online poker series, including the popular Bounty Builder series, which is offered year-round.

Last verified: May 2022

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When PokerStars PA opened its virtual doors in late 2019, the flagship Championship of Online Poker (COOP) brand in Pennsylvania was at the top of the trader’s mind. One of the first major events PokerStars PA held at launch was PACOOP in late 2019. The operator followed suit with PASCOOP a few months later in early 2020. Both series run alongside their counterparts from Michigan and New Jersey.

The two series of signatures returned in 2021: PACOOP was a huge success and awarded more than $ 2.38 million, while PASCOOP delivered more than $ 2.6 million in prizes. PASCOOP returned once again in 2022, albeit slightly earlier than usual, from March 25 to April 11, with a $ 2 million guarantee on 120 individual events.

Both PASCOOP and PACOOP are PokerStars’ flagship events, so you can expect them to happen almost every year. Sometimes the operator shuffles the dates for one reason or another, but these two series have become cornerstones of the platform and are unlikely to disappear any time soon.

PASCOOP Dates 2022: March / April 2022 2022 Series Guarantee: $ 2 Million 2022 Series Prize: $ 2.6 Million 2022 Game Formats: Mixed Games, PLO, Razz, PLO8 and 8 games shared with PLO and NLH. 2022 Admission Range: $ 10 – $ 2,000 Total Events 2022: 120 PACOOP Dates 2021: September / October 2021 2021 Series Guarantee: $ 1.5 Million 2021 Series Awards Exchange: 2.38 $ 2021 Game Formats, but includes 8 PLOem Gaming and HORSE, among others, 2021 Admission Range: $ 10 – $ 1,000 Total Events 2021: 69 PASCOOP Dates 2021: April / May 2021 Warranty 2021 Series: $ 2.1 Million 2021 Series Reward Exchange: $ 2.6 Million 2021: Hold’em Heavy Gaming Formats Includes PLO, 8-Game and HORSE, among others, Interval 2021 Purchase: $ 5 – $ 2,000 Total Events 2021: 120

2. PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series

For those who love the thrill of knocking out their opponents and picking up their rewards, the Bounty Builder series is meant for these players.

Running at least twice a year, the series usually guarantees around $ 1 million for Keystone State players. In fact, the spring series just started this week, with 44 events with tournaments suitable for all kinds of money.

The series usually runs in February or May / June and then a second installment runs during the fall season, in October or November. The last time it was released, the series ended up paying close to $ 1.5 million. The series usually culminates in a major event that guarantees at least $ 150,000 in prizes.

Bounty Builder Series Dates: Two or Three Times a Year Average Guarantee: $ 750,000 to $ 1 Million Premium Funds: Usually crushes between 40% and 50% guarantee Bounty Builder Series Winter 2022 Dates: 27 February to March 13, 2022 Series Warranty: $ 25 million. Prize: $ 30.6 million. Game formats: variants include PLO8, HORSE, 6+ (also known as short deck), 8-max and Turbo, along with PLO and NLH. Purchase range: $ 22 – $ 1,050 Total events: 196

3. PokerStars PA Summer Stacks Series

PokerStars Summer Stacks is the series that caters to the public with low stakes. With an average purchase of just $ 40 and the most expensive game in the series priced at just $ 100, Summer Stacks is a chance for the more casual player to have a great tournament action.

There were $ 1 million guaranteed for the 2021 Summer Stacks, with games regularly breaking guarantees. Judging by this great success, we hope that the Summer Series will become another standard feature of PokerStars PA’s annual MTT programming and that it will take place this summer as well.

Last verified: May 2022

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4. Pennsyl-MANIA

While Pennsyl-MANIA isn’t exactly a series of tournaments, it’s worth including this exciting recurring one.

The tournament was first held in May 2020, the first edition was a great success with a record turnout and a record prize fund, awarding $ 515,964 in total prizes, more than double its $ 250,000 guarantee.

The tournament has been held several times since that inaugural Pennsyl-MANIA, returning again in August 2020, December 2020, April 2021 and a creepy and fun Halloween edition in October 2021. The big game flirted briefly with a $ 500,000 guarantee by the end of 2020, but seems to have settled in with a $ 350,000 guarantee for the most part.

Pennsyl-MANIA Dates: two or three times a year Average guarantee: $ 350,000 Accumulated prize: usually breaks the guarantee

5. PokerStars PA Winter Series

Each year, PokerStars kicks off the New Year with an explosion bringing its ice-cold winter series to Pennsylvania. The PA series, which runs in January, reflects a larger global winter series happening in the dot-com market at the same time. In 2022, the Winter Series actually increased the heat and exceeded its warranty by almost 40%, reaching a total of $ 1,373,400.

Like SCOOP and COOP, the Winter Series runs simultaneously in all three PokerStars USA jurisdictions: PA, NJ and MI.

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