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Twitch’s main content creator, xQc, is back playing online betting games

by KZ Poker

Main influencer

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is not just a popular Twitch streamer. It is one of the most popular streamers of all time. He was the most watched streamer on the platform in both 2020 and 2021 and currently ranks fifth in followers with 10.6 million. As such, it has a lot of influence, especially on a younger audience.

This is what makes xQc’s return to online gambling streaming so problematic for many of its fans.

xQc made a name for itself as a video game streamer, mainly playing Overwatch. He is one of the best in the world in the game, even playing professionally as a member of the Dallas Fuel Overwatch League. These days, it has branched out into the “Chat Only” category, in addition to games.

He also used to play online slots, but stopped in June 2021 for lack of self-control, saying he was “slightly, if not moderately” addicted. Lengyel also apologized for getting people to sign up for online casinos through their affiliate referrals.

xQc no apologies

But earlier this week, xQc started playing online gambling once again. And not only does he not apologize for that, but he has directly canceled his apology last year. In Discord, he wrote, “I apologized because people made me believe there was a problem. I was wrong. No problem. I’m sorry to apologize.”

Basically, his position is that he likes to play, so he will do it and for the bets he wants, no matter what anyone thinks.

“I’m not here to be a role model,” xQc said. “I’m here to have fun, so I’ll do it until it’s boring. Turn off your computer and talk to your parents and classmates if you want a role model for your moral compass. “

On Twitch, xQc attacked viewers who believed it was criticized for streaming online gambling and at the same time encouraging others.

“Everyone was a bunch of bitches,” xQc added. “But when some other streamers [decided to resume sponsored gambling streams]everyone turned around and said, “Oh boy, if I had so much money, I’d do it too! I respect that boy! ‘”

Interestingly, xQc’s return to gambling streaming (and of course, it doesn’t all the time) comes just two weeks after it admitted to losing nearly $ 2 million in gambling last month. . In a podcast, another first-rate streamer, Imane “Pokimane” Years, asked xQc if he would like to play as much as he could. He said yes and admitted: “Yes, I’m addicted. I lost $ 2 million … $ 1.85 million this month, “which shocked Pokimane.

Pokimane has recently taken on a kind of lawsuit against gambling, especially when it comes to streamers issuing their own gambling games. In April, one of his viewers told the chat that he had lost $ 60,000 in online gambling after being inspired by the exploits of Trainwreck, a high-level betting streamer. Upon seeing the admission, Pokimane stopped his current discussion to express his concern and urge the viewer to seek advice.

Recently, Trainwreck earned the highest jackpot cash in the history of online slot machines, racking up $ 22.5 million.

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