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What are the best casino architectures designed by Italians?

by KZ Poker

Online gambling and distance betting continue to be big business in Italy, with the combined iGaming sector growing by 46.1% by 2021.

Not only is Italy one of the key drivers of the European iGaming gaming market, but its offline casinos also have a rich and long-standing heritage.

To this end, there are several well-designed casino structures left in Italy. So even though they are now mostly online and players can access a wide variety of Italian online casino locations, you can still enjoy an interactive offline experience across the country.

But what are the best casino architectures that have been designed by Italians? Let’s get in there!

# 1. The Casino of Venice

If we look at much of Italy’s most inspiring architecture, much of it was designed and built during the Renaissance period of the 15th and 16th centuries.

This includes the Casino di Venezia, located in Venice and designed by the brilliant architect Mauro Codussi (who designed some of the most beautiful churches in Venice).

Of course, the city itself is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in Italy, but it is also home to one of the best casinos in Italy.

Interestingly, the Casino di Venezia is also the oldest gambling establishment in the country, having originally opened in 1638 and serving both locals and international visitors for centuries.

Just 20 minutes from St. Mark’s Square, Vendrami Calergi Palace is formerly known as the home of Italian royalty. For this reason, it preserves the mezzanine floors and their picturesque and avant-garde charm, along with some classically designed columns overlooking the iconic Grand Canal.

As you would at any online casino in Italy, you will find a wide range of games and tables available at Casino di Venezia. For example, you can play with American and European iterations of roulette, along with poker, baccarat, and even track.

In addition, there are more than 600 slot machines located on the site, making it one of the busiest establishments in Italy’s competitive vertical casinos.

# 2. The Champion Casino

Technically, the city of Campione is an enclave in the Swiss region of Ticino, and remains geographically separated from Italy by Lake Lugano.

However, it is located only 60 kilometers away from the Italian heart of Milan and has become an epicenter of activity for gamblers due to liberal betting laws and tax haven status for gamblers. and operators.

The city’s casino was designed by architect Mario Botta and formally erected before World War II. It was also further expanded in 2008, with the bones of the original structure demolished and replaced by a brand new set of buildings.

The new design was cultivated to promote comfort and hospitality everywhere, while the spectacular architecture offers access to 55,000 square meters and nine separate playgrounds. There are even three levels of underground parking, so this is a huge structure that is actually bigger than life.

At night, the structure was always visible across the stunning Lake Lugano, creating a famous and iconic landmark that is absolutely stunning.

However, the government’s failure to reimburse tax contributions officially led to the casino being declared bankrupt on July 27, 2018, before closing completely in January of the following year.

Fortunately, it later reopened in June 2021, offering a variety of casino games such as French roulette, chemin fer, blackjack, poker and craps.

# 3. The Casino de la Valle

If you are planning a trip to Italy, you could do much worse than visit the small, picturesque, semi-autonomous region of the Aosta Valley in the northwestern part of Italy.

Here you will find the fabulous Casino de la Valle, which is uniquely located in the heart of the Italian Alps and surrounded by the four highest mountain peaks in Europe.

Before delving into the architecture, it is interesting to note that this casino became famous in the 60’s by the legendary James Bond Sean Connery.

In 1963, the Scotsman made a famous visit to the casino’s roulette table, setting three consecutive bets on the number 17. Incredibly, the number came on each occasion, with an individual probability of 37: 1 and a payout. of 35: 1.

The cumulative odds of this happening were just 50,653/1, while Connery earned £ 17 million (or £ 160,000 in English money today) for his problems.

Thanks to the casino’s picturesque location, romantic nature and famous hot springs, Casino de la Valle remains one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. The structure was actually built during World War II, after Elijah Page (the incumbent mayor at the time) suggested that building a casino would help lift the spirits of harassed citizens.

The modern iteration of the casino simply draws on tradition and modernity, with several gambling halls, bars, and an impressive restaurant sprawling magnificently over 43,000 square feet.

Incredibly, you will also find about 600 slot machines and 90 table games located in the Casino de la Valle, the latter including blackjack, craps, Punto Blanco and Caribbean stud poker.

Featured Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis on Flickr

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