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Win 167x Your Stake With The Exciting GGPoker Bet on Flop Feature

by KZ Poker

GGPoker continually looks for ways to keep its games fresh and exciting, and has created several features over the years. Bet on Flop is the latest innovation from GGPoker, a side betting feature available across Hold’em cash games.

Live poker players often place side bets with one another while grinding their games. They bet on subjects including the color and texture of the flop. Online poker players at GGPoker can now do the same.

Bet on Flop launched in selected markets on January 28, 2022, across all standard Hold’em cash games; Rush & Cash are excluded. GGPoker hopes to roll out Bet on Flop to other jurisdictions over the coming weeks and months.

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The concept is simple. Players involved in a Hold’em cash game hand have the ability to place a side bet on one of six possible flops. You can bet on the flop having more red cards or black cards, if there is a pair on the flop, if the flop is all the same suit or has a three-card straight on it, if all three cards are the same value, or if a three-card straight flush appears on the first three community cards.

All bets, which can be anything from 1 big blind to 100 big blinds, are made against the house and have fixed payouts and odds. Your bets are removed from your account balance and not the stack you have at the table.

Bets have to be placed before the flop is dealt, and those bets roll over to the next hand if the hand ends preflop.

Bet on Flop Payout Structure

BetDescriptionPayoutRTP More RedTwo or more black suits land on the flop0.75: 192.86% More BlackTwo or more red suits land on the flop0.75: 192.86% PairThe flop contains a pair3.4: 175.43% FlushAll three flop cards are the same suit15. 5: 182.58% StraightThe three flop cards are sequential but not the same suit24.1: 184.69% Triple / Straight FlushAll three flop cards are the same value / The three flop cards are both the same suit and sequential167: 178.86%

Payouts range between 0.75: 1 for correctly predicting the flop will have more red or black cards, right up to 167: 1 if there is a set or straight flush on the flop. The Bet on Flop Return To Player (RTP) ranges from 92.86% (a house edge of 7.14%) down to 75.43% (house edge of 24.57%).

Bet on Flop is similar to the Side Bets feature PokerStars implemented in February 2020. PokerStars’ player can bet not only on the texture and color of the flop but what their hole cards will be. Like the GGPoker feature, PokerStars’ Side Bets feature is only available on Hold’em tables, excluding Zoom.

Latest Addition to Online Poker Side Bets

Having the option to make non-poker side bets has been possible for many years across all the major online poker sites. Players are only a mouse-click away from being able to play blackjack and other casino games at sites including 888poker, partypoker, PokerStarssites on the iPoker Networkand GGPoker.

Of course, many poker players turn off these features and concentrate purely on playing poker. However, they are extremely popular with some players, hence their availability. While these bets can add something different to the poker grind, you should always play within your bankroll and always bet responsibly.

Other Innovative GGPoker Features

Bet on Flop is the latest in a long line of innovative features implemented by GGPoker. Players at the site have long had the ability to purchase All-In Insurance, which covers their backs when they get their stacks in as a favorite; PokerStars began testing this feature back in mid-2019.

In August 2020, GGPoker launched SnapCam, a feature that makes it possible to send video reactions of up to 15 seconds to your opponents. This fun feature adds a human element to the popular emoji and emoticons offered on GGPoker and most other online poker sites.

The in-built staking software is only available at GGPoker and is probably the site’s most popular feature. Tournament players can back fellow players or even sell percentages of themselves and do so with mark-up, just like live grinders regularly do. The staking feature is completely free, and GGPoker takes care of all the transactions so there is no chance of being scammed by an unscrupulous player.

Bet on Flop launched at the same time as a new biometrics login feature. Players from selected markets can now use biometrics, including fingerprints and facial recognition, to log into their GGPoker accounts on the iOS version of the site’s mobile app. This is a feature also available to PokerStars and 888poker’s customers.

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